Rutgers Build Fund by the Numbers

Over the course of just nine months, Rutgers Athletics has worked with alumni, fans, and Friends to develop a tightly woven group of ardent supporters. These individuals have committed themselves to supporting an aspect of the University which has, heretofore, been a struggle. Indeed, the Rutgers Big Ten Build is one of the most aggressive and valuable efforts we have had in decades at the University.

This group of 1,571 donors has amassed over $56M in just nine short months. 86 of those donors have made contributions of $25,000 or more. This level of financial commitment proves the value that is seen in collegiate athletics as a balance to the equally important academics and research.

As of today, 30 people (including myself) have signed up to be Fundraising Captains for this worthy endeavor. These 30 individuals have recruited 159 people to take part in this effort. 

But as strong as this effort has been so far, we are still $43.5M+ short of the $100M goal for the Build Fund. Yet, we know that every little bit brings us closer to our goal.

Therefore, I put forth this friendly challenge to you. Help the Scarlet Knights to become the best of breed in the Big Ten. Help the athletes of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey to be seen in the newest, best fields, tracks, courts, and mats in the Conference. You can pledge as little as $10/month for 5 years. That is just $120 per year or $600 in donation that will aid in support of Rutgers Athletics and Athletes.

If you have not yet donated, take a moment and reach out to me. I will be happy to answer any questions. I’ll also be able to guide you in the donation process which is very simple. Contact me at

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