The Joisey Girl

This is a simple, respectful commentary on the most beautiful ladies in the world today: the Joisey Girl.

The Joisey Girl is willful, confident of herself, who she is, what she can do and knows what she wants from life.  She loves an unpretentious, fun, good time with her friends and those who have earned her trust.  Joisey Girls are all about attitude.

She will enjoy eating quality pizza and drinking a great beer in ripped jeans and a sexy tee-shirt just as they will spend hours getting the right hair style, make-up and choosing the sexiest dress to ensure she is the most alluring of ladies for a night out on the town with the guy who fulfills her life.  For the Joisey Girl, it is about enjoying the event with the people who they enjoy being with.

The Joisey Girl has a mouth on her.  She says what she means and there is no filter.  But she always has that sweet, nice, cheerful laugh that will break the ice of any situation.  She is loud, boisterous and full of life every minute.  Yet she can also be quiet and reposed, gentle, loving and caring for the people in her life who make her life.  She sings and dances as if no one is watching, yet loves the attention she receives when people admire her for her talents and abilities.

She is is intelligent, quick-witted, funny and always aware of the world around her.  That intellect keeps her alert about her job, her responsibilities, and those whom she cares for each day.  Her awareness of the world keeps her ahead of the game, making her the first to identify both challenges and opportunities.  Her sharp tongue and humor keeps others at bay with only the most confident of men reaching out for her hand, first in friendship, then in love.

The Joisey Girl is not to be trifled with.  She is held in the respect of others; she is the woman who knows herself just as she knows others and the world.

Bottom line: each and every Joisey Girl is the most beautiful, colorful, willful, sexy and funny lady who will kick your ass one minute and commiserate with you over the wounds she inflicted, reminding you not to do it again but loving you for learning from the experience.

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