Immigration and Migration

(Originally posted: 01/15/95)

Freedom to move within and outside geopolitical boundaries is a God-given right as noted in the Constitution.  If individuals and families want to relocate, that is perfectly acceptable.  However, moving to a prosperous area solely because the area is prosperous is the action of a leach.  Any person or group who immigrates to a new area must bring with them a marketable skill or ability that will add to the prosperity of the area.

A prosperous area must be open and greet new and diverse members and offer those new members a share of its prosperity.  But it is expected that, in return, those new members will repay the area and enrich the prosperity of the area for other new members to share.

This is not confined to monetary benefits.  Rather, new members must enrich the area or community through new ideas, beneficial practices, and positive traditions that can be incorporated into the life and society of that community.  If new members of a community are found to be unable to offer such enrichment, then it is up to the new members to prove their social and societal worth in other ways.


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