A Point About “Liberals”

(Originally posted: February, 1995.)

Liberals, by definition, are individuals who demand change from the status quo.  Yet today, 1995, we find ourselves calling those who have been in power for more than forty years “liberals.”  The fact is, these people have become the statists of society, those who would continue this nation on the road of Big Government and limited enterprise.

And what is Big Government today? It is the concerted attempt to redistribute wealth through the ruling and regulation of industrious and, hence, rich members of society on the pretense that, because they have amassed wealth through hard work and ingenuity, they must have, in some manner, abused and neglected the poor of the society to get to that position.  Given this, one has to question why this sounds so like the insolvent ideals of Karl Marx and his ilk.

To this end, I would suggest that our current liberals are socialists masquerading in the clothing of “concerned citizens.”  Further, they can be, and are, viewed as individuals, yes; but they are individuals who have led the United States to the brink of destruction monetarily, morally, ethically, and, most importantly, intellectually.

Regaining America’s social ethic, one built on a strict code of morals and ethics demands a renunciation and rebuke of the socialist agenda of “feel good” Big Government policies where in “someone else” makes decisions.  The American public must accept responsibilities and understand the making of mistakes in part of the learning process of life.  What must also be understood is that we can and do learn from the past.  Thus, we must be able to look at history, not as “the evil that men do,” but as the opportunity to enrich our current lives by accepting or rejecting the actions of those who came before us, not rewriting those actions according to our desires.  Only in this manner can American society hope to continue to grow, develop, and mature.


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