A Point About Animals and Humans

(Originally posted: 03/04/95)

While I disagree with this premise, let us say for the sake of argument, that animals can think. Beyond that, though, is a much more dramatic distinction:  While animals may be able to think, man is the only animal that knows he can think.  Moreover, man is the only animal that can express the thought that he knows how and that he can think.  In other words, man by virtue of his ability to make these distinctions, is the most advanced form of life.  This ability and cognition are critical differences which separate humanity from other living beings.

The secularist would claim this is merely brought about through evolution. Yet if that were the case, why has it only occurred with humans and why have we yet to discover “The Missing Link” between humans and another species? Sure there have been many claims of finding decomposed skulls that “look” similar to humans. We have even found “near” connections apes and other bi-peds, but in all the searching and archeological investigation, no one has yet to find the exact connector between apes and humans. Is it that we are looking too hard? Is it that the archeological search is going on in the wrong place? Or is it more correct to to state that a little over 150 years of research has proven the theory false through lack of evidence?

One could argue that I am making this “too simple.” To which I reply, “Show me where and how and by whom we, humans, were able to split away from apes and I will believe.”

Of course the reality is so-called science and research in this field is more about a money grab than anything else. Indeed, as the saw from philosophy goes: “Seldom affirm, never deny, always distinguish.” Shameful that so-called intelligentsia can’t even back up their opinion by being presence.

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