Class Warfare and Its Instigation

(Originally posted: 04/08/95)

There are individuals today who have found a new method of divisiveness. It is a marked departure from the statesmanship of old wherein the political parties would work toward the same goal but with different means. For example, job creation and economic stimulation were admirable goals, the methods of achieving them were different, but there was never an attempt to pit people against one another.

Over the past five years, though, there has been a movement within the Democrat party embracing this pitting of one group of people against another, whether it is white and black, heterosexual and homosexual, man and woman, rich and poor, or business and worker. This is class warfare. It is a degenerate’s ploy used to grab power.

Interestingly, it is the same methodology used by Karl Marx to incite the workers against the owners of factories a little less than one hundred years ago. While at one level, this can be frightening, at another, it points up the stupidity of the operatives within the Democrat party. They have failed to see within this action the seeds of its own destruction, as was recently witnessed with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the destruction of Communism. Perhaps cooler, more rational heads will prevail within the Democrat party and bring to its members a greater sense of interest and willingness to cooperate. However, until that time, one can only wonder at, and be mindful of, the incipient Communistic overtones of the Democrat rhetoric.

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