Oliver Wiswell: A Thought for Today

(Originally Posted: 06/14/97)

“I learned then, beyond question, that if all the property in the world were distributed, and an equal share given to everyone, the bulk of mankind would soon be destitute, and a few would have everything.”

Oliver Wiswell, p. 202
Written by Kenneth Roberts,
Copyright ©1940

It is interesting that in 1940, this concept was clearly and rationally expressed.  Today, individuals who express such thoughts are ridiculed and called all sorts of names . . . racist, sexist, and egotistical come to mind.  Yet within the statement above is a recognition of the human condition that few on the Left are willing to accept:  each person is different in every way, not just physically.

Many on the Left today promote the notion of equality, but they fail to distinguish between equality of opportunity and equality of outcomes.  The former, whether we want to admit it or not, is already upon us.  Consider the following:

Every person who lives in America has the opportunity to

  • learn anything they want to,
  • become anything they want to be,
  • buy anything they want,
  • belong to any religion they want, and
  • say whatever they want.

This equality does not come from money or societal position.  It comes from the agreed upon set of laws that were approved in 1789.  These laws offer individuals freedom.  It is that freedom that carries with it the responsibility to do something on one’s own and to rely on one’s self to become better.  There is nothing within the basic set of documents that define our government that say we must write laws to give equality of outcomes; that is a fixation within the legal system of late.

Equality of outcomes is something else entirely.  It can be seen within the writings of many of our Left-leaning “thinkers” today that this is, in fact, what they want.  We talk about “barriers to equality” and the inability of certain groups to reach the plateau of the White man.  Have we ever stopped to realize that, by saying this, we are giving the White male additional status?  Consider this, whenever anyone says that “White men have an unfair advantage,” we are saying, implicitly, that the White male is a benchmark by which we judge ourselves.  Why do we need to judge ourselves against someone else?

The very concept of equality of outcomes is illogical.  It ignores the understanding that each person on the face of the Earth is an individual and, thus, each person has been given gifts and talents that may or may not have been given to others.  Simply put, it means that no two people are alike.  Does that mean one is less of a person than another?  Certainly not.  Rather, it means each is unique; it makes them who they are.  So then, why do we continually expect that we can ever control the outcomes of two people and equalize them?

Kenneth Roberts, in the passage above, was speaking to this fact:  No two people on Earth are alike in abilities, thoughts, or comprehension of new ideas.  There will always be those who are better at finding ways to get what they want, no matter the amount of money poured into any school system.  Some individuals will always have a better understanding of numbers and money than others.  There is nothing wrong with that.

Until individuals begin to rediscover the Tenth Commandment (Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Goods), we will forever have this contentious sniping at each other.  That is a disgrace.

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