The Liberal Media

(Originally Posted: 11/02/97)

Let’s express a concept that has not been at the forefront of our thoughts recently.  The media “teach.”  Every news show teaches us something by showing what others are doing, then passing judgement on what others do.

What is most pervasive is the underlying structure of what they teach.  Again and again, we are reinforced into believing that anything that is inconvenient should be thrown away.  Three examples that come to mind are abortion, marriage, and relationships.

The most disconcerting is abortion.  We are told that a pregnancy should be “at the woman’s discretion.”  If she does not want the pregnancy, then it should be aborted and that is okay.  Yet, at the same time, we are taught to be shocked and angry at the way teenagers, most recently in Delaware and here in New Jersey, threw away their babies after giving birth.  We should not concern ourselves with the aborted fetus because, well, just because it wasn’t what the woman wanted.  Why can’t we just follow through on that logic for those who throw away their babies?  It just wasn’t what they wanted.  Sure, they wanted to have the sexual pleasure of orgasm, but they didn’t want what usually comes along with intercourse:  pregnancy.

The second example is marriage.  There are many who believe that men and women are complimentary to one another.  In other words, there is no equality; rather, men and women can support one another through their own strengths.  That concept is completely ignored by those within the media.  Most recently, Dateline, the NBC news magazine, ran a program dedicated to The Sex War.  Here was a blatantly obvious attempt to polarize the genders by directly relating what is, ostensibly, interpersonal communications, to warfare.  We are thus taught that men and women will fight with each other, before there is peace.

Delving deeper into this disturbing ideological bent, we find that marriage is not recognized as a union of a man and woman bound in love with God for the primary purpose of procreation as most religions view the concept.  Rather, marriage is now considered the “right thing to do” when two people are in love, regardless of gender.  If these two people can’t “make is work,” then they can always get divorced.

There are two problems here.  First, marriage is viewed as “something to do.”  Marriage requires a commitment from a man and a woman to one another.  This commitment requires discernment of actions and has nothing whatsoever to do with physical pleasure.  Yet, that is exactly how marriage is viewed by the media today:  a physical attraction and act.  The second problem is that those in marriages need to “make them work.”  A marriage is not a machine.  It is one of the most important contracts a person can enter into because, while the contract rules never change (to love one another through good times and bad, to care for one another in sickness and health, etc.) the environment in which that contract is enacted constantly changes.


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