Thoughts on America’s Foreign Policy of the 1990’s

(Originally Posted: 12.13.1997)

Foreign policy has usually been a strong point of the United States.  With the reelection of Bill Clinton, however, the American public has unknowingly signaled to the rest of the world that we are becoming weaker in this area.  Bill Clinton has no foreign policy; he never has, he never will.  His inability to express a clear, defined course of action on an international issue points this up.

In recent weeks, there has been a sudden pressure placed upon the United States by lesser countries to buckle to their demands for a reduction in greenhouse gasses and pollution in general.  For the record, let’s recognize reality and state unequivocally that global warming is a junk science used by those with less robust economies (read:  Europe, the Pacific Rim Nations, and South America) to the political end of curtailing the US industrial and economic complex.  As the saying goes, “Follow the money.”  The US has the strongest economy on the face of the earth.  As the Pacific Rim nations watch their currencies fall by the wayside in value, fear sets in.  This fear comes from the fact that they recognize that their countries will have to rely more and more on the US, not on their dwindling internal workforce.

In essence, whether or not we want to admit this, the United States in in the first informational war the history of the world has seen.  We are not using bullets that pierce skin, but bullets that highlight thoughts on a page.  The United States, its leaders, and its people have shown that they are incapable of recognizing an act of war, aggression on a sovereign nation.  We have an intellectually deficient president, vice-president, and Congress.  It is clear that no one in Washington is capable of addressing the acts of aggression with similar acts.  Rather, they are more willing to be “diplomatic.”  They want to “talk things out.”

Clear, definitive actions, not words are needed.  These actions come in the form of ignoring the
Kyoto, Japan Global Warning Meeting (the Global Climate Information Project has some very interesting information on this); they come in placing tariffs on imported goods that force other governments to open their markets and address their own logically defunct domestic policies.  America must show that it will not be cowed by lesser nations.  It must show that it is the sovereign world super power that it is.  It must show that its foreign policy is solid and impenetrable.  No country should dictate to the United States what it can and cannot do.


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