The Problem With Bill

(Originally Posted: 02.01.1998)

We are now in the throes of scandal. The world is watching the slow, public disgrace of a juvenile masquerading as a man. The people of the United States have the unique, albeit embarrassing, opportunity to watch the dissolution of the power base given to the Clintons by a minority of voters from the electorate.

The problem with Bill is actually twofold. The first issue is his gross lack of self-respect. Contrary to popular belief, the man has shown that he is a buffoon, a puppet, being manipulated by jackals and political hacks within the Democrat Party who have so horribly prostituted themselves in politics that no American voter would ever accept them.

The second problem stems from his lack of social grace, what at one time was called manners. The very fact that he fall back on his “broken home” childhood shows that he is weak as a person. Weakness is not, and should never be, an acceptable character trait in a leader.

The underlying moral to this disgraceful set of events is that character matters. Character matters because it is the basis upon which a person is built. If a person is incapable of distinguishing right from wrong or moral from immoral, or worse, amoral, behavior, then that person is unfit to hold a position of authority.

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