The Moment of Judgment

(Originally Posted: 02.15.1998)

As the allegations of sexual deviance spin farther and farther out of control for the Clinton White House, one begins to see what is next on the horizon. At some point, a generation of Americans will be held accountable for their own actions. The time is fast approaching when the Yuppies will have to “render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and render to God, what is God’s.”

By this, I am referring to the accounting that will be made by society, history, and, most importantly, God for the anti-social behavior that directly led to the current state of disharmony within the fabric of American society. If Yuppies are as sophisticated as they claim to be, they should also be mature enough to accept responsibility for the decadence and decay of morals that has taken place during the past thirty years. The culmination of this debauchery is in the perversion of the Office of the President, the likes of which has not been seen since the Mad Emperors.

“Free love” and the other trappings of the Sixties are now showing their true meaning. In the least, these are despicable acts, one that both men and women should see as a cheapening of women.

Consider for a moment that the Yuppies are now being slapped in the face with their own beliefs. In the past, certain elements of the Yuppie generation have claimed that sex outside of marriage is perfectly acceptable. Of course, one never seems to stop and think that the individuals involved in such intimate relations are human beings who have families that are affected by these actions. Until this time, no one ever accepted this argument. However, thanks to the current scandal the wake-up call has been sounded. Now, suddenly, the Yuppies have met the enemy and it is themselves. This damning reality comes to them through the very person they have idolized because he is one of their own.

As more light is shed on President Clinton’s sexual deviance, Yuppies must now rethink their ideology on sex. President Clinton, according to the latest reports, had sex with Monica Lewinsky when she was twenty-one. As was noted early on, she was the same age as Clinton’s own daughter.

One has to wonder if Yuppies would be so quick to support Clinton if his actions were taken against their own child. But, of course, we have to remember that this same generation has no qualms about ripping apart an unborn fetus that comes at an “inconvenient” time.

However, perhaps this will be the first wake up call for this insolent, indolent, amoral generation.


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