New Ideas and Delusions

(Originally Posted: 2.21.99)

As policy debates continue, there is very little consideration given to a critical evaluation of the thoughts that are brought forth. Rather, we insist upon accepting every thought, every idea, regardless of how ludicrous, how outlandish, how illogical. We do this under the guise of the Politics of Inclusion. The initial concept was rooted in the idea that everyone had a right to be heard. While correct in theory, one key element is missing. That element is that others have the right to dismiss an idea when it is proven illogical or detrimental to society.

Yet the people of the United States and the world continue to permit the delusional meanderings of infected minds to impact society and chip away at its foundations. This divisive ideology of the Politics of Inclusion was founded by the Democrat Party and was meant to do nothing more than buy votes. In essence, the ideas of the Radical Left (read Communists and Socialists) were allowed to become part of a Capitalist Society in an effort to have those people vote for Democrats. Thank you Mr. LBJ for allowing your megalomania to blind you to the destructive force you have permitted to become part of our society.

We must now slog through a world where rational thought based upon sound scientific research and historical contexts are ignored. Instead, we are now encumbered by the “I-hate-myself-because-I’m-human” groups and neo-Luddites. They insist upon telling the rest of society how evil we are for not following their ways. We are told that the world will end because of humans. We are told that we should drive puddle-jumpers (sub-compact cars) to conserve resources, yet no one thinks about the fact that sub-compacts, because of their size, are inherently unsafe. Of course, that begs the argument that we should not be traveling as we do. “We should stay close to the major cities and not travel that far.” We are told that we should reduce our traveling to more local settings (probably on bicycles).

In each argument, the underlying intent is nothing more than the control of other people. For you see, the harsh reality is that the Radical Left has always desired to control the actions of people. Those who make up the Radical Left have always had their own level of megalomania. They want to control you; they want to force others to be beholden to them. Thanks to the Democrat Party, civilized society is now subjected to these delusions that have been held in check for the better part of history.

The delusions have been held in place because the Radical Left has been recognized for what it is:  a destructive part of society akin to AIDS. It does not destroy its host (society) immediately. Rather, it does so slowly, starting with the immune system. In the case of civilized Western society, the immune system is the ability of people to think and do for themselves with responsibility. Once rational, intellectual thought is ripped from people, they are susceptible to delusional thought that further degrades them has human beings. Hence, they loose the ability to choose between right and wrong. This is exactly what the Radical Left wants. They hate the fact that people in a republic have that ability.  Why?  Because the Radical Left wants that power for itself!

So how does a person continue to think for him or herself? How do people maintain the ability to choose between right and wrong? It comes down to this:  a person must remain informed of the decisions they make for themselves and their families. That means listening to all sizes of a debate. When you do, you will find that you can discern between the new ideas that make a republic society grow and the delusions that make eat away at the foundations of Judeo-Christian Western Society. From this ability flows all the others that are essential to being a productive, active member of a republic society.

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