Originally posted, December 29, 2008, 11:28 PM:

So of course, by now, anyone reading this blog should know that Rutgers beat NC State, 29-23 in the Bowl. The game was played in Birmingham, Alabama.

By all accounts by fans who went to the game, a great time was had by all. Not only was the game very exciting and well played (only four penalties throughout the game), but the events in and around Birmingham were also appreciated. Throughout the game, the team did not give up or fold. They continued chopping wood and proved themselves capable of handling whatever the Wolfpack threw at them. I was pleased to see the team had coalessed and become a unit. In a manner of speaking, as much as fans maligned the F.A.M.I.L.Y. (Forget About Me, I Love You) mantra that started the season, indeed, you could see the team didn’t fold and rallied around each other.

About the only downer for fans was the continued insistance by certain people within the university administration to continue to botch the handling of Bob Mulcahy’s firing. Without question, this cowardly act is indicative of the lackluster ability of “Little” Dick McCormick. If he truly had the two B’s that are needed to function in this state, he would have stood up to the BOG and told them “If you want Mulcahy fired, do it yourself.”

I look forward to the continued growth and development of the team in the off-season so that come April, the Spring Game will be a showcase of continued growth and new talent.

Thank you Bob Mulcahy for ten years of leadership that brought Rutgers University Athletics out of the Frank Grunniger Error and into the world of 21st Century College Sports. You will not be forgotten!

And to those in New Jersey who wish to tear down this man, what he has done for Rutgers University, and the good sense of pride instilled in those who love and cherish Rutgers University, SHAME ON YOU!

Congratulations to the Rutgers University Football Team! You are the 2008 Bowl Champions!

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