Happy Birthday to me and to WRSU

Yesterday, January 27, was my birthday. I won’t tell you my age, but I will say that I am close to the age of an institution at Rutgers University, WRSU, the radio station that serves the campus in New Brunswick.

A brief post by a friend of mine (Source) on the Rival Board for Rutgers Football reminded me of this fact. Below is a PermaLink and a reprint of his comments.

PermaLink: http://rutgers.rivals.com/showmsg.asp?fid=642&tid=120332880&mid=120332880&sid=988&style=2

just wanted to congratulate WRSU for hitting the FM airwaves 35 years ago. While FM is a non-commercial station, WRSU-AM actually could and did carry commercials like any other stations when they broadcast Rutgers football, basketball, etc.

WRSU (88.7 FM): January 27, 1974

WRSU (630 and later 680 AM): April 26, 1948 (closed carrier, only the Rutgers dorms and buildings could pick up the signal, closed down in 1976)

Rutgers got its own radio station when WRSU (630 AM close carrier) began regular programming on April 26, 1948. The radio station, school paper, and magazine formed the Rutgers Communication League and played off of the “Middle Three” theme (Rutgers, Lafayette and Lehigh would play an in-season round robin for “The Little Brass Cannon”) by calling their touch football conference “The Piddlin’ Three.” The Targum Mugrats defeated the WRSU Killer-Cycles on November 17, 1948 on College Field 12-0. The Mugrats later defeated the Anthologist Slickies and took the inaugural title. The Mugrat eleven all wore #11 while the Killer-Cycles all wore #630. WRSU took the title the next year. The Targum Mugrats even played other school papers. An intra-Targum football game between the Sports and News Departments was held on November 23, 1936 with Sports winning 18-12 at Neilson Field according to the next edition of the school paper. WCTC allowed WRSU to simulcast its football coverage in 1951 and WRSU broadcasted football with its own announcers in 1954. The AM closed carrier signal could only be heard in Rutgers dorms and buildings and moved to 680 AM in the early 1950s.

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