SIGNING DAY!!!! It’s Signing Day!

Huh? Signing Day? What the hell is Signing Day?

To those who don’t avidly follow college football, Signing Day is the short name for national Letter of Intent Day which takes place every year on the first Wednesday of February. It is the day when hgigh school seniors who are being recruited to play D1 football officially sign a Letter of Intent or LOI to attend a specific college or university.

So how is the incoming class looking for Rutgers University? Pretty damn good. A number of vacancies that will be opening up in May 2010 with graduation are being filled. These include positions like LB, DE, DB, OL, and RB. Ultimately, the names of who has signed LOIs to play Rutgers will be made official tomorrow, February 4. So far, the class looks to be ranked somewhere in the Top 20 Recruiting Classes in the nation. Yeah, I’ll take that any day.

As was noted in another blog, Rutgers has had several decommits (that is a student-athlete who has verbally committed to Rutgers only to announce they would be attending elsewhere) over the course of the recruiting year. But this year a number of “major” schools have also experienced that. So Rutgers is growing and becoming part of the larger national picture. I’ll take that too.

For anyone interested, the Rutgers Touchdown Club will be holding its annual LOI Day Meeting tomorrow at the New Brunswick Hyatt. If you would like to join the Touchdown Club and be at the meeting, take a moment to peruse their website.


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