A Simple Question

Why do New Jerseyans put up with high taxes?

There are lots of reasons that, on the surface, seem plausible. Some I have heard include:
• good schools for our children.
• quality services from our government.

What is missed in those arguments is the fundamental change that has occurred precisely because of government schools and the influx of specious efforts that push impressionable minds away from training in logic, reasoning, and discernment toward fuzzy thought about “feelings.” Children are no longer taught “right from wrong.” Rather we have children who now must think about others “feelings” and how those “feelings” may be hurt. Children are not provided with the fundamental skills needed to identify core components of a situation and determine the outcome that is going to be “right” or correct logically. Moreover, children are not imbued with the skill set to conduct their own critical research on topics. Instead, even in college, points of view on everything from the economy to the environment to government are force fed to them. God forbid a person should do their own research and arrive at a logical conclusion based upon real facts!

In 2009, individual people, for the most part, are wholly incapable of distinguishing between a good and bad choice. They have been taught to accept what is out there, regardless of whatever innate sense they have screams at them otherwise. Quite frankly, New Jerseyans “put up” with high taxes because the quality of their thought processes has declined and, with it, the quality of the citizenry overall. It appears the days of personal initiative and drive are gone and with them the effort to distinguish one’s self from the pack.

If anything, Americans and New Jerseyans seem to be embracing collectivism. For those who don’t know what I am referring to, a simple definition is this: the political principle of centralized social and economic control, esp. of all means of production.

What I am seeing is a populace who is devoid or personal drive or initiative. That does not appear to be valued. Does anyone have a rational self-interest? That is, does anyone value themselves and advancing themselves? It doesn’t appear to be the case; it is no longer a value deemed to be worthy.

Instead, leave everything up to the Nanny State with the unintended consequence of pretty much paying all your wages to the government for redistribution. Why do New Jerseyans put up with high taxes? Because they have abdicated their right to choose how they want to spend their money. Instead, they have allowed so-called elected officials to pile on more and more taxes under the guises of “helping” when all that is happening is the money is being confiscated from those who work and selectively redistributed to certain groups of people who will vote to keep incumbents in office.

How about we consider freedom of association for a moment? Or, more correctly, disassociation? Is it so wrong for a person to make a conscious decision not to associate with a certain group of people? Unfortunately, Dr. King’s Dream of equality was twisted during the 1980’s and 90’s. It went from being an understanding that human beings, whether black or white, regardless of creed and regardless of sex, were human beings first to an effort to suppress certain races by other races because those other races had been suppressed at one time. Today, the ability to choose with whom to associate has gone from being a value to malfeasance.

Sadly, I do not see Americans or New Jerseyans choosing ethical and moral leaders precisely because they, individually, do not value principles, ethics, and logic. Bluntly, they do not seek what is good, wholesome, or beneficial based on logic. Rather, they are constantly searching for consensus through a misdirected effort to average everything. So they look for compromise, concession, and capitulation to resolve discord. It comes down to what “works” trumps what is “right.” Only in hindsight do people “learn” that ignoring what is right never ends up working.

Individual Americans have lost the understanding of how to pursue what is best and right for their families, not at the expense of others, but through their own hard work and effort. Sadly, the most odious sentiment has taken hold: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one…” And as goes the thinking of individual Americans, so, too, goes the thinking of the people elected to office. The famous saying “People get the government they deserve” is proven true with each election.

Why do New Jerseyans put up with high taxes?

In a phrase: They are sheeple!


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