BO exercises his right to be stupid

So the other day, B. Hussein Obama, the questionable president of the United States, made another eloquent gem. In Strabourg, France, he states a “long-term goal of ‘a world without nuclear weapons,’ an idea he promised to detail further in a nonproliferation speech in Prague.” See “Obama touts policy changes.”

BO’s statement is an indictment of his education. He has dreams, not well-thought out, logical goals.

His fundamental lack of comprehension in international affairs and the realities of the geopolitical world is going to get thousands, if not millions, of Americans killed.

Mark my words, the dominoes are already falling in the Pacific Rim (N. Korea and China are counting on a mealymouthed “Don’t do that” response to the missile test as proof of weakness). Iran is more than capable of selling dirty nuke fuel to the highest bidder and the Kremlin is lucky it even knows what nukes it has; most are already on the black market.

BO’s comments are viewed in the world as conciliatory and weak, and the world is right in that thinking. BO is incapable of definitive decisions that keep this nation safe. His actions are defining him as a petulant boy who does what he wants to do irrespective of information that would lead a thinking person to more rational decisions.

Congratulations America! You elected a weak-minded, ill-educated boy as your President; one who will bring this once-great country to ruin; ruins that will take generations to rebuild. Truly the Yuppies and Generations X and Y have much to answer for in the coming years. And they will in ways they cannot even imagine.

Tell me how great BO is after NYC, LA, or another major city is wiped out by a dirty-nuke set off by one of the former Gitmo prisoners. Sadly, it is becoming obvious that only a major tragedy in which everybody loses at least one loved one is the only way to bring people out of their hedonistic, mindless ways of thinking and living.

I truly hope I am wrong. So prove me wrong! WAKE UP AMERICA!


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