Claiming to be telemarketers when actually being phishers

While on vacation today, I get a call on the phone at my vacation home. The phone call is odd enough because I rarely get any calls here. But what made it stranger was that the call was from a 425 area code. For those who don’t know, 425 is basically in western Washington State.

So I answered the phone, wondering who would be on the other end. It turned out to be a recorded message from a telemarketer claiming to be able to reduce the interest rates on my credit cards. *Click* Sigh… I hate these garbage calls.

But with nothing else to do, I fired up my Mac and did a little research on Google about the number; 425-484-1806, for those interested. 84 results came back. that piqued my interest. While most links were forum links with lots of complaints about the people who run the company behind the number, there were also some informational links. On the website,, there are two pages of discussion about the company. See this link. Interestingly, there is also a link therein to an FTC lawsuit that has been brought against the company in June 2010. We’ll see what comes of that.

In searching further, however, there is a more sinister element of this scam. It appears that if you try to get them to stop by pressing “2” on your phone, you are rerouted through a 1-800 number which allows them to garner your phone number, address, and name. In turn, that information can be used in just about any manner they want, from using it to fill out requests for credit cards and loans, to gathering more information about you. This is hardly “just” telemarketing. this is an active attempt to gather personal information for the purposes of nefarious activities that will seriously damage your credit rating.

So do be aware of what is out there and who is calling you. Take time to alert your family members to be aware of what is going on. Do yourself a favor and make the effort to let all know about this scam.


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