The Meltdown of the Economy

Let’s face facts:

The economic meltdown was triggered by bad legislation written by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. It was executed through the approval of literally millions of bad loans made by government entities and banks alike to individuals who did not have the financial stability to sustain the payments that would be required. And it has been exacerbated and prolonged by bad fiscal policy, namely the “quantitative easing” pushed by Ben Bernanke, a trade journal term that really means “cheapen the national currency and explode inflation.” Spin it any way you want, libs and progs, this is reality and history will bear this out.

Sure there are those on the Right who blindly point to TARP and the so-called economic Reinvestment and Recovery Act as being a problem, too. But those are simply failed stop-gap measures. My point is to look at the root cause. And indeed, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd have much to answer for. Their arrogance and hubristic lust to be adulated, their blind lust to buy votes and remain in office at the expense of the United States Economy and the welfare of individual taxpayers is shameful. Sadly, though, it has caused the current situation the people of the United States find themselves in.

But at the same time, the American people must shoulder blame for their financial straits as well. Their blind desire to embrace all the trappings of consumerism, with all its empty promises of satisfaction, have led them to a place where they hold nothing but piles of debt. All the possessions they amassed with loans give them no solace, no peace of mind.

So where do we go from here? We, the People, need to start by looking at ourselves, our decision-making, and our goals – NOT for ourselves, individually, but for our families, our progeny and our parents.

Do we want our children to live in a world that is beset by crushing debt, high inflation, no jobs, no opportunity, and no possibility of advancement for either themselves their loved ones and society in general? Or are we willing to do what is right and just for them today so they will be able to have more opportunity than we have now?

If it is the former, then we are resigned to continue accepting the failed policies and empty promises of the Democrat Party AND the RINOs within the Republican Party. If it is the latter, then we must stop blindly pulling a level in the voting booth because “my family has always voted [insert party here]” or “because everyone else is voting this way.” Rather, we must evaluate each candidate and, more importantly, their stated positions on each and every major issue, not just the ones we are interested in. We must look critically at how their position on each issue affects our pocketbooks, the economy, and the society in general. We must come to the realization the bigger government is destructive to society precisely because society is made up of individual people and not “groups.”

Can we recover from this meltdown? Yes. But it is a qualified “yes.” We, the People, must take back our country, our society, and most importantly, our government, from the selfish, egotistical, and power-hungry who have wrecked what had such potential. INCUMBENTS BE GONE!!!

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