RU Trivia, circa 1970’s – the 1st 30

Up front I am going to state these questions and the answers to them are from a friend on the board. His name is Source and he lives up to it every day with great trivia and history about Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey from all eras of its storied history.

So here we go!

1) The best selling beer ordered by students at the on-campus Rusty Screw Tavern in 1975.

A: A year after the 1974 opening of the Rusty Screw Tavern, the Targum reported the most popular beer ordered by students was Michelob.

2) Cost of a large Filippo’s Pizza in 1975. Bonus points for most often quoted time it would take to deliver your pie (no matter where you were on campus, in town, or in the solar system). Hint, it took way longer than the stated amount.

A: $3, 20-minute delivery time (anytime, anywhere.. it never got delivered in that time) Anybody remember Old Queen’s $1.95 weekly pizza special?

3) This WRSU program debuted just before the undefeated 1975-76-basketball season and continues through today.

A: Knightline. It started doing Knightline after football games in 1977.

4) Mobile Grease Truck named for a Bowie album.

A: Diamond Dogs Hot Dog Truck in the days when the Grease Trucks were parked along College Avenue and side streets

5) A crowd from the Quad in 1975 did this from the River Dorms to Pell Dormitory a year after the roadways into Douglas were jammed with spectators trying to view a World Record attempt of this.

A: They streaked (ran nude) from the river dorms, across George Street, and into Pell.

6) English rocker who played at The Ledge (today’s Student Activities Center) in his only area appearance at the time

A: Elvis Costello

7) 33,402

A: Attendance was 33,402 at the Rutgers-Arizona State Garden State Bowl I (amazingly, the November 25, 1976, Rutgers-Colgate game for an undefeated season was almost the same, 33,405, both at Giants Stadium)

8 ) Named for a former NFL player, it was the fast food restaurant located on today’s Johnson & Johnson property on Albany Street across from the Hyatt.

A: Gino’s Hamburgers (named for former NFL defensive end Gino Marchetti)

9) MAX was the name of what Rutgers system?

A: MAX was the computer system that included computerizing the phone records. Some students then discovered any on-campus phone system could be converted to regular phone use anywhere in the world with the call only traced back to MAX and not the actual campus phone located on the campuses of New Brunswick, Newark or Camden. Needless to say, Rutgers started getting hefty phone bills from all parts of the country and overseas. Within months, MAX was dead.

10) Are you a Turtle?

A: You bet sweet ass I am! (search “Ancient Order of Turtles at wikipedia for the background story)

11) A student dressed in this costume from a 1950’s sci-fi movie emerged from Passion Puddle on the Douglas Campus as a joke.

A: Student Robin Jaffee was The Creature From The Black Lagoon – spotted by Douglas students riding on the bus past Passion Puddle.

12) Dean of Rutgers College until 1977.

A: Dean Richard P. McCormick, father of the current Rutgers president (Ed Bloustein was never dean, he was the President of Rutgers)

13) According to legend, former convicts worked the counter at this greasy spoon.

A: The White Rose System in Highland Park

14) Rutgers slang for a student who studies way too much.

A: A throat

15) In 1974 at The Barn, this singer brought out another to perform the Beatles’ “Twist and Shout.” They returned individually to play The Barn several years later.

A: Billy Joel introduced Bruce Springsteen in 1974; Joel returned when The Stranger came out and Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band when Born To Run was out.

16) 1975-76 RU Basketball – The crowd knows the contest is over when ? enters the game.

A: Rutgers was so successful at running away from teams that the entire bench saw action in many games. The crowd would cheer for the 12th man introduction of Stan Nance and the unofficial end of a competitive contest.

17) Rutgers accepted a technical foul in a lopsided victory for allowing James Bailey to do this in a game.

A: Bailey dunked the basket to the crowd’s delight and received a technical foul since jamming the basket was illegal at the time.

18) What letters were burned out on the “Dunkin’ Donuts” sign on Route 27 Raritan Avenue in Highland Park?

A: Dunkin’ Donuts neon sign read “ unkin’ onuts ”. I would have also accepted “unkin onut ” since the “s” also burned out by the end of the 1970s.

19) This TV program considered doing its show live from Rutgers but was deemed too expensive and stayed in its studios. A year before the show aired, members of its original band could be seen performing at Rutgers dorm parties.

A: Saturday Night Live premiered in 1975. It became so popular that producers wanted to take it out on the road to colleges. Rutgers was one of the rumored schools but the cost eventually killed the idea. Original SNL Band members were playing Rutgers parties before 1975.

20) Artist and song that contains the lines: “Standing by the water fall in Paramus Park,/ She was working for the friends of BAI,/ She was collecting quarters in a paper cup,/ She was looking for change and so was I.”

A: Ariel by Dean Friedman (YouTube homage to Paramus, Jewish girls and peasant blouses at

21) A 90% free throw shooter, he missed the front end of a one-and-one with four seconds left that secured a 54-53 Rutgers win over Princeton at Providence and the first round of the NCCA playoffs in 1976.

A: Pete Malloy

22) Acting head coach for the final four games of 1977 when Frank Burns suffered a heart attack.

A: Bob Naso who later became head coach at Columbia

23) Instead of naturally declining in popularity after its 1974 release, this album grew throughout the decade and beyond.

A: Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd grew on its own long after its release

24) A half dozen years after shooting to stardom, this actor took questions at the Rutgers Student Center in the spring of 1979 and in return, asked the audience for critiques of his acting methods.

A: Al Pacino

25) She visited Rutgers and gave a talk about her profession. Her nickname was “The Nightbird.”

A: Alison Steele was the “The Nightbird” on WNEW-FM; most listened to DJ among men 18-34 at one point; DJ mixture of progressive rock, poetry, etc.; died of stomach cancer at age 58 in 1995.

26) She was the first Garden State Bowl Queen.

A: Kathy Young waved to the crowd from a moving car as Queen of the Garden State Bowl in 1978

27) Mr. Bill feared him.

A: While Mr. Hand worried him, Mr. Bill feared Mr. Sluggo on the SNL low-end skit using clay figures

28) Name of the Congressman who represented the district.

A: Congressmen Ed Patton whose seat was later lost through redistricting

29) A failed suicide attempt when a student drove his car across the grounds and up the steps of this Rutgers building and only damaged the front entrance.

A: A student in a car got a running start at The College of Engineering Building. The car careened up the steps and into the doors. Amazingly, no one was reported hurt except the driver who had minor injuries.

30) For 50 cents, you could have seen this future big time group in the Rose Room of the Rutgers Student Center in 1977.

A: The Talking Heads (Qu’est-ce que c’est?)

And you guessed it, there are more questions where these came from. He has posted another 30 out there and will probably have the answers on Thursday or Friday this week.

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