RU Trivia, circa 1970’s, 31-55

My friend on the board finally had the chance to post the answers for the next 24 trivia questions. So here are the questions and answers for those of you reading this blog.

31) What was the name of the WRSU album on the 1975-76 Rutgers basketball season?

A: “Run, Rutgers, Run” was created by the sports staff at WRSU using radio clips and highlights of the 1975-76 men’s basketball season and put to vinyl.

32) On October 21, 1977, Piscataway became an NBA town when the New Jersey Nets began a four season run in the Rutgers Athletic Center. Who was their opponent that night?

A: The New Orleans Jazz. [Now the Utah Jazz]

33) Three possible replies if someone looks at you and says, “Zoom.”

A: “Zoom, Schwartz, Figliano” was a drinking game. “Bifigliano” and “Profigliano” were also acceptable answers instead of “Figliano.”

34) The Quad and the River Dorms engaged in one of these at least once a year.

A: Toilet paper wars broke out each year. Sometimes a snow ball fight took place in the right weather. One year police had to close down George Street because of the havoc and mess that was created.

35) Subject of the main headline of the 1975-76 Mugrat.

A: The Rutgers men’s basketball team was 16-0 when the headline revealed an NCAA violation would now make them 0-16. There was also an article on a radiation leak on Busch campus and that busses would not be running there until further notice. My freshman roommate at the time bought the story. The first Mugrat was in 1925.

[As an aside, the word “Mugrat” is “Targum” spelled backwards. The edition runs once a year and is filled with humorous articles poking fun at the University, Administration, Faculty, Staff, and other students.]

36) Trick-or-treaters were given fried chicken embryos and a six pack of beer by the “head” of this family.

A: Cone-headed Remulak alien and later Paramus, New Jersey, suburbanite, Beldar Conehead, didn’t quite have the handle on what Halloween was all about in this SNL skit later turned into a movie. Beldar, his wife Prymaat, and teen daughter Connie explained their strangeness by claiming they were from France.

37) Cost of an adult season pass for football in 1978.

A: $26

[Non-premium side-line seats cost $350 for the 2011 season.]

38) Rutgers was voted #1 in kinky sex by this magazine.

A: Genesis Magazine. The Targum caught some flak when it ran a stock photo of a woman in bondage next to the story. According to a wikipedia entry, the porn mag was started in 1973. Ironically, a future Targum editor, David Aaron Clark, Class of 1986, worked at the Bergen Record, Home News and Dow Jones News Service. He put that all behind him and joined his RU roommate who was editing Genesis Magazine at the time. He went on to join the staff of Screw Magazine after Genesis. He died November 28, 2009, in Los Angeles.

39) Monday thru Friday, 6pm on Channel 11

A: “I saw this one” was a mandatory expression at the first frame of the show each night when students gathered in dorm rooms to watch one of 79 episodes for the umpteenth time of the original “Star Trek.” It was a joke because everyone in the room had already watched every episode over and over. Gene Roddenbury came to Rutgers in 1975, talked about a proposed re-launch of the show, played the blooper reel of outtakes and showed the original pilot of Star Trek entitled “The Cage” which was later re-edited and turned into “Court Martial” the only two-parter in the original series.

40) For engineering students, the electronic calculator replaced this

A: The people of this ancient time used wooden sticks that pulled out of the middle of a wider wooden stick that had strange markings and numbers to calculate equations. It was called the slide rule.

41) What line are you standing in if you’re wearing your underwear on the outside of your pants?

A: You’re probably in line to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Free entry at some theatres to those who did that, or dressed up as one of the characters or other “Rocky Horror-isms” that got you a free pass. Rutgers and New Brunswick was at the epicenter of the Rocky Horror phenomenon when it first hit the theatres in 1975. In an early interview with Tim Curry (a.k.a. Dr. Frank-N-Furter), he alluded to the nutty fans in New Brunswick when talking about what a cult hit the movie had become. Riff Raff (Richard O’Brien) wrote many of the movie’s songs.

42) Right before he appeared at The Barn, he was booed in Philadelphia for his performance.

A: Michael Lee Aday, better known in the music world as Meatloaf

43) Took ill three days after Christmas and died at Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia on January 23, 1976.

A: Paul Robeson is buried at Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York. His tombstone reads: “The artist must elect to fight for Freedom or for Slavery. I have made my choice. I had no alternative.”

44) Where could you find a red phone?

A: The red phone was free and only connected to University departments, staff, etc. They were on dorm floors, some rooms, buildings, student center, etc. You could also use them to call Rutgers-Newark and Rutgers-Camden campus numbers.

45) It was a big “hit” in raising money during Cancer Marathon Weekend. In its initial year, you could request your purchase of this be delivered to anyone on campus before the end of the school year.

A: Shaving cream pie hits…. For a buck, the people at the fundraising booth would go up to anyone you wanted and hit them in the face with a pie. The first year, you could order a “hit” on anyone, professors included, to be delivered between the April cancer fundraiser and May finals. That last part only lasted one year. I wonder why.

46) In January of 1977, why were students jumping off the roof of Allen Dormitory on Busch Campus?

A: Snow storms closed down Rutgers after the first day of the second semester. While this is an occasional occurrence today, it was almost completely unheard of at RU from the time it was founded until this time. Snow drifts were so high, students at the three-story Allen Dorm climbed to the roof and jumped off into drifts as high as the second floor. They also built an igloo in front of the main doors and moved desk, chair and study light into it. I know, I poked my head in and saw a student studying in there. Cafeteria trays were also used as personal sleds on the hills and slopes around the campus in an act known as “traying.”

47) At a cost of around $2 a case, this supermarket chain sold its own “Premium Lager Beer”

A: Pathmark. You would actually have had to get drunk on other cheap beer before you were in a state of mind to drink this stuff. “Premium Lager Beer” on a white sticker indicated the era of the “no frills” products had begun.

48) Posing as members of the fictional New Jersey Bicentennial Commission complete with documentation, Rutgers students showed up with equipment including truck and winch to remove this item in early February of 1976. Caught by a suspicious officer because his wife’s friend served on a real state committee to celebrate the Bicentennial.

A: They went for the Rutgers-Princeton Cannon buried near Nassau Hall. It remains the last serious attempt to take the cannon back to Rutgers. The cannon was used by General Cornwallis at the Battle of Trenton before General Washington captured it and others.

49) This comedian walked out on stage to a packed Rutgers Athletic Center…. looked up into the farthest reaches of the RAC that he could see and screamed out: “Hey You! THE—SHOW—HAS—STARTED!!!”

A: That wild and crazy guy Steve Martin. Martin, a comedian, sold out places normally reserved for top rock acts including the RAC.

50) According to NCAA records, how many teams had finished their men’s basketball season undefeated when Rutgers finished 26-0 in March of 1976?

A: The Rutgers men’s basketball squad became the 19th team to finish their regular season undefeated since the NCAA began keeping records.

51) No charge for extra grease

A: Right there on the menu board of Greasy Tony’s at Easton & Somerset Street where the dorms now sit. The original store site was right across the street, opposite the Corner Tavern and was originally known as “Tony’s Campus Steak House.”

52) WRSU became the first known radio station to do a call-in show inside a prison. The students interviewed prisoners live and took phone calls inside Rahway State Prison (today’s East Jersey State Prison) on a program the prisoners created to persuade juvenile delinquents not to drop out and to avoid a life of crime. What was the name of this program that gained national recognition?

A: Scared Straight

53) To graduate, you needed credits for a major, minor and ?

A: …A mini. I believe a mini was six credits not associated with your major or minor.

54) In 1979, two cheeseburgers, French fries, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and ketchup on a bun?

A: The Fat Cat – the granddaddy of all “Fat” sandwiches to come

55) Generalissimo Francisco Franco is ?

A: …Still dead. An ongoing SNL joke when Chevy Chase did the news because the real news kept droning on about the condition of Franco until he died. Occasionally, Chase spoke about the “freedom loving” strongman of Spain using a real photo of Franco standing next to Adolf Hitler.

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