We’re having a heatwave….

… a tropical heatwave.

The temperature’s rising, it isn’t surprising.

From Alexander’s Rag Time Band, 1938. Irving Berlin, composer.

Since Wednesday, July 20th, temperatures over about 2/3 of the country have been quite warm, bordering on hot and dangerous due to several long-term conditions that have been experienced starting in late June. First, the South has been suffering through a significant drought with minimal, if any, rain. Secondly, a fairly robust bubble of hot air has been forming over the desert Southwest. That air bubble has been pressing east- and northward over the last several weeks with increasing intensity. A somewhat culmination occurred on Thursday last week and definitely on Friday and Saturday when temperatures soared in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast to very unhealthy levels. Newark, New Jersey, topped out at 106° F one day and nighttime temps barely dropped into the mid-80’s.

Of course, that lead to those who think Global Warming is real to come out of the woodwork and begin whining again. It frustrated me enough that I had to remind people that it’s Summer and it’s July. But there are still those who are going to abandon logic and rational thought through research to champion the cause of the Left which is to control, control, control through dis-information. It annoyed me enough to move me to explain reality and truth by talking sense.

Consider that people are raising hackles about the “hot” temperatures and how “records are being broken every day.” These “hot” temperatures have happened before. But let’s keep in mind that records only go back to the 1700’s in most places. The Earth’s Climate has been around for a few million years more than that. In all honesty, we have no real understanding of what the “all-time” hottest or coldest temperature really is simply because of the huge volume of data that is available, if anyone would actually take the time to review it. More on this shortly.

In the 1970’s, the Left tried to scare people into accepting more regulation of energy sources and controls on personal movement with threats of Global Cooling and a new Ice Age because of man-made CFCs and effluents of all types. Well that didn’t really go over well when it became apparent that the hike in prices at the gas pump and for home heating oil was due to collusion among the OPEC nations and an effort to harm the economies of what was known then as the G6.

However, the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) was brought into existence, more as a knee-jerk reaction by a well-intentioned, but bumbling Republican President who was trying to placate paper tigers engendered by the main-stream media (MSM). While USEPA came down hard on “polluters,” many of the polluters were already identifying the expectations of consumers insofar as people wanted products that were produced in as clean a method as possible. Moreover, through simple cost-benefit analysis (CBA), companies were coming to the realization that it was beneficial for them to literally clean up their acts at their manufacturing centers while they were manufacturing than to wait until the plant shut down and have to pay far more in site remediation.

But the Leftists were still seeking ways to control the actions of people and implement their Communist ideas. So they took over the environmental movement. It gave perfect cover because in the 1980’s more people were enjoying more leisure time which meant there was a growing awareness of the environment and the world around them. People obviously sought cleaner areas to recreate; hence, they would also seek out practices that would help to clean up the areas they wanted to play in and enjoy with their families.

As the so-called Decade of Greed marched on, many agricultural and environmental schools found so-called “professors” within their ranks who were spouting forth odd-ball concepts that were just on the edge of logic regarding the “planet heating up.” There were any number of Ph.D. candidates who were running off at the mouth about temperatures rising “based on published data.” Of course, if we were to look at this “published data” we would see that it was nothing more than the 200 years of daily recorded temperatures. Generally there was no effort to go back and look at such things as geological core samples or fossil records that would provide a much broader range of records which would help to determine if this was part of a much larger cycle or if there really way a significant spike in temperatures. But as the theses kept being published, the every day person who was now dealing with their own major problems like long hours at work, drug abuse, mid-life crises, etc. were far too focused on trying to resolve things close to home. These pronouncements were met with shrugs, possibly some concern, but an overall sense that “it didn’t really affect me.” Sure people wanted a cleaner environment but they never gave pause to consider how these so-called ideas would affect their way of life and the way of life of their children. Unfortunately this ignorance allowed the weeds of the “Global Warming Industry” to grow, spreading out massive leaves that began to choke off the rich plants and growth of Capitalism little by little.

Today we find ourselves in the middle of a fight for the very life of every society in the world that wants to grow and develop. Communists are now “environmentalists” bent on controlling every aspect of each person’s life under the guise of having a “clean environment.” Indeed, if you look around at the regulations that have been promulgated, almost every one has some reference to this.

Over the course of the last 20 years, this wholly discredited academic cow flop has been used by people in academia to obtain grant funding from stupid bureaucrats and mentally empty hand-wringers.

If the every day person would actually take time to conduct real research on this topic, they would learn that relying on “records” kept by humans is the worst type of basis to evaluate the climate and environment of the world. As I stated above, look at fossil records; look at geological core samples. These show a much broader range of information, not just of temperature, but the structure and form of the environment as a whole. It provides information on rainfall and snowfall patterns and vegetation volume. It also defines animal and plant interactions and provides a total perspective on how those interactions affected, or failed to affect, weather over the course of many hundreds of thousands of years.

Frankly the fact that people are using a four/five-day heat wave as proof of “Global Warming” shows just how vapid the “education” was these people have had. Comparing individual year-to-day records is worthless. It tells you nothing about the days leading up to the temperature for that day across the years. The days are also different within weeks (e.g., July 25, 2010, was a Sunday; this year, 2011, it is a Monday. The amount of vehicles on the road in given areas are going to be different on a weekend then on a weekday. The amount of air conditioning used in homes and businesses will be dramatically different. The amount of water and electricity is going to be also drastically different. This does not even begin to consider the sociological and economic issues that are affecting both years.)

In closing, the Earth has been around a lot longer than we have. Our contribution to any change in the weather is miniscule  compared to what is taking place around us within the larger environment. This “heat wave” is a microscopic blip within the larger record that tells us nothing more than this: It is Summer, it is hot. We will continue to live and the Earth will go on long after we are dead.

Sorry to burst a lot of peoples’ bubbles on this, but humankind is quite insignificant relative to the capacity of the environment.


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