How is the money spent at Rutgers University

Today, there was a post on regarding how the budget is divied up at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Of course, the real issue was how much money is being spent by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. So conducting a bit of research online, I came up with the following commentary.

So lets restate the talking points and educate the foolish who half-read an article by Bloomberg Information Services and take it as gospel.

1) Rutgers University total operating budget for FY 2011/12 is US$2 Billion. (see paragraph 3 on

2) Of that amount, the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics received $56 Million or 3% of the entire budget. (see paragraph 1 on Of this amount, it should be noted most of the amount is recouped over the course of the year through the revenue generated by gate receipts and concessions at sporting events.

3) As shown on the Expenditures pie chart fully 47.7% of the total budget for 2011-12 is allocated to Instruction and Research.

So the next time one of the “best and brightest” who just stumbled out of William C. Dowling’s class after having been injected with the bacilli of Rutgers 1000 paranoia, offer them the cure: knowledge, clear information, and FACTS.

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