Support for Rutgers, The State Univeristy of New Jersey

This past Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011, a brief article appeared on the website regarding the “State-of-the-University” speech given by President McCormick on Friday, Sept. 16. You can find the article here. After reading the article, especially the short shrift given to the overall content of the speech, I felt it necessary to remind those reading the article of educational value found at Rutgers. Below are my comments:

So couldn’t even muster the resources to sit a staffer in front of a computer and watch the live stream of the President’s State-of-the University address and take some notes. Instead Stephen Borg, President and Publisher (and graduate of Columbia University) decides that an AP feed article is good enough. Obviously Mr. Borg doesn’t comprehend the educational value of the eighth chartered Colonial College in the Nation. Nor does it appear he believes Rutgers is worthy of actual coverage by one of his reporters. Therefore, an education is in order here.

New Jersey has a gem of a university in Rutgers. It was established in 1766 as Queens College, a sister college to Kings College, now Columbia University. (Perhaps that’s the reason for the paucity of positive press, but I digress.)

Despite the bogus college beau…ty contest you find in US News and World Report, Rutgers boasts proudly of two Nobel Prize Laureates, Milton Friedman, Economics and Selman A. Waksman, Microbiology. The University has been a member of the AAU, the American Association of Universities, since 1989. It is recognized outside New Jersey as one of the premier institutions of higher learning in the Nation and the world.

Rutgers alumni include a diversity of people who were, and continue to be, pioneers in science and medicine, such as Charles P. Bailey, open-heart surgery, and Michael Gottlieb, AIDS research. We have alumni who have become NASA astronauts, CEOs of major corporations, generals in the U.S. Armed Forces, members of the United States Congress (Scott Garrett and Peter W. Rodino) and a vice president of the United States (Garret Augustus Hobart). All of these achievements, coupled with the achievements of all our graduates, out-perform many of the current “cool colleges” that are touted so highly. The incredible achievements of our alumni are a testament to Rutgers’ tradition of excellence, quality faculty and education, and the drive of our students and alumni to out-perform at all levels of society.

People in New Jersey would do well to recognize the value and significance of an education at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. For more information on the University, you should visit:

To the people of New Jersey: please take the time to learn about the many opportunities and resources available for you in this great state. Make the effort to turn away from bashing or marginalizing your state and what it has to offer. Look for the positive aspects, of which there are many. Support them, advance them, let others know about them and give everyone the chance to see the beauty of what is The State of New Jersey!

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