Rutgers Football – 64 Years Ago Today – September 27, 1947

Once again, the poster on has given insight to the history of Rutgers Football. This time, he comments on another first: the first football game called live on WCTC, which was the flagship station of Rutgers Football from 1947 to 1992. Here is his commentary:

WCTC (1450 AM and 98.3 FM), New Brunswick began its on-going radio coverage starting with the September 27, 1947 Rutgers 40-28 loss at Columbia.

WCTC went on the air December 12, 1946 and was owned by Chanticleer Broadcasting whose station manager was James L. Howe (Rutgers Class of 1932). The call letters were taken from the Rutgers nickname at the time, ChanTiCleer.

The first coach’s show aired the day before with the “The Harvey Harman Show” airing each Friday at 7:30 p.m. They even “recorded” his October 31 show on vinyl disk when he couldn’t be at the studio on air day.

The first WCTC broadcasting crew was Bob Bell (Rutgers Class of 1947) doing play-by-play and Ed Isaacs (Rutgers Class of 1939) doing color.

WCTC served as the flagship station of Rutgers football until 1992 when WOR-AM in New York became the flagship.

And as a bonus, today in 1969 was when the Centennial Game between Rutgers and Princeton was played.

GO RU!!!!!!



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