November 6, 1869 – The First Intercollegiate Football Game

As always, my friend Source from the website comes through with a great post providing the itinerary leading up to the First Intercollegiate Football Game between Rutgers and Princeton on this date in 1869.

The itinerary on November 6, 1869:

10:00 a.m.
Princeton players arrive on the 10 a.m. Camden & Amboy train line from the Princeton Depot and are met by the Rutgers players. They spend several hours playing billiards and walking around. The most likely places to shoot some pool: Carman Ira’s place at 17 Hiram Street, Marsh Eleakin’s place at 30 Albany Street and the Railroad Hotel at the corner of George and Somerset Streets.

Lunch time! Probably included some beer drinking (a no-no along with billiard playing for any Rutgers student).

Game on! Rutgers scores the first goal kick from the field of play… and the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th and 10th winning America’s first intercollegiate football game 6-4.

Game comes to conclusion with two final goals kicked by men whose names history failed to record.

Post Game
Off to Northrup’s on Church Street for a fine meal. E.W. Northrup himself was just getting started in the desserts and restaurant business.

Princeton football team leaves on the train. Game 2 is set for following Saturday at Princeton.

No one on the field that day realized they had just ignited the American football experience which, today, involves thousands of teams, billions of dollars and mass exposure in the United States and around the world.

Happy Birthday Intercollegiate Football!

Way to go Will, Fred, Madison, Tom, George, Ezra, Stephen, Edward, Daniel, William, Peter, George, Charles, Winfield, Williams, John, Abraham, William, George, Charles, Claudius, George, Jacob, John, George, Charles, John and Douwe.

By the way, nice shirt Douwe!

The names listed are those of the players listed as having played in the game.


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