The Pinstripe Bowl 2011 – Rutgers Scarlet Knights vs. Iowa State Cyclones

After an 8-4 regular season, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights will be playing in the Pinstripe Bowl which will be held in New York City at Yankee Stadium on Friday, December 30, 2011. The opponent will be the Iowa State Cyclones. It will be the first time that Rutgers and Iowa State will be meeting in football.

While there are the usual whiny people on the recruiting boards who like to moan and complain because they can’t have what they want, there are many more fans of the Scarlet Knights who are excited and happy to have their team back in a bowl game. From my standpoint, I appreciate the fact that, in this lousy economy, we won’t have to juggle insane air fares and ridiculous hotel prices. I’m also happy for the families of the players that they will have the benefit of the holidays – yes Christmas – in the NYC Metro Area.

As is always the case, Source on has come up with some great information about both teams.

Iowa State Cyclones
Playing Football since 1892
1,140 games played

All Time Games Played in the North East:

11-06-1942 Villanova 32 Iowa State 7 at Philadelphia, PA
11-24-1956 Villanova 26 Iowa State 0 at Villanova, PA
09-28-1957 Iowa State 7 Syracuse 7 at Syracuse, NY
10-31-1964 Army 9 Iowa State 7 at West Point, NY
09-20-1969 Syracuse 14 Iowa State 13 at Syracuse, NY
09-23-2005 Iowa State 28 Army 21 at West Point, NY
09-16-2011 Iowa State 24 Connecticut 20 at East Hartford, CT

Rutgers Scarlet Knights
Playing Football since 1869
1,265 games

All Time Games Played West of Mississippi River:

11-30-1973 Air Force 31 Rutgers 14 at Air Force Academy, CO
11-30-1974 Hawaii 28 Rutgers 16 at Honolulu, HI
11-13-1976 Rutgers 29 Tulane 20 at New Orleans, LA*
11-11-1995 Rutgers 45 Tulane 40 New Orleans, LA*
09-06-1997 Texas 48 Rutgers 14 at Austin, TX
09-04-1999 California 21 Rutgers 7 at Berkeley, CA
12-27-2005 Arizona State 45 Rutgers 40 at Phoenix, AZ
12-28-2006 Rutgers 37 Kansas State 10 at Houston, TX

*The Mississippi River loops south of the Superdome and then bends up 1.5 miles to the east of the Stadium making the Superdome west of the Mississippi River.

In all, I’m looking forward to a competitive game and one that will be enjoyable.

GO RU!!!!!!

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