Pinstripe Bowl Events?

With the announcement of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights being selected to play in the Pinstripe Bowl in New York City, there have been questions about the events that will be held in conjunction with the game. While there are no official events that I am aware of, one of the fans on who uses the handle PatrickRU92 has come up with a great set of events that are classic New York City events. Here they are:

Thursday, Dec. 29th:

11:00 AM — Fans can participate in stirring viewing of the George Steinbrenner bust. Afterwards the team will grab a Sabrett or two on Jerome Ave at outdoor cart.

2:00 PM — “Dodge the Taxi” will commence. Fans try to cross the street while speeding, careening taxis ignore the traffic signals. Prizes will be awarded to the fan who can flip the most effective bird

8:00 PM — Everyone’s favorite traditional Pinstripe Bowl event–the always entertaining “Mugging of the Big 12 Yokels”. Several delinquents from Rikers island will be released for 30 minutes in the vicinity Big 12 hotel. Early parole will be awarded to the convict who can come up with the most coin (note: due to complaints in last year’s event, nunchucks must be less than 2 feet from end to end)

Friday, Dec. 30th (gameday):

1:30 AM — The listening of the Sirens. Guests staying in the Bronx meet on the roof of the hotel and marvel at the police and ambulance sirens. As a bonus this year we will have a cart vendor selling pretzels that stay impossibly cold and wet despite appearing to be resting over a flame

11:00 AM — Meet Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera–both will be briefly available on Skype from their warm and sunny homes in Miami.

12 Noon — The always hilarious “John Marinatto Meatball Toss”. Big East Commissioner John Marinatto will attempt to catch Rao’s famous meatballs with his mouth thrown by fans.

Yes, humor and sarcasm is still alive and kicking. Wonderful!


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