The Answer to the Question About “The Barn”

So in my last post, I ended with a question about the College Avenue Gym, aka “The Barn.” The question was:

“Quick trivia question: Who are the only two known U.S. Presidents to visit the Rutgers College Avenue Gymnasium? They probably didn’t know that were at (technically over) the site of the first intercollegiate football game. Hint: one was recent and the other was long ago. Both were not in office at the time of their appearance.”

When Source asked the question, I thought about the different presidents we have had here in the United States and recalled that President Gerald Ford campaigned here in New Jersey back in 1978. Granted, that isn’t “long ago” but … Source informed me that was not correct, but a good guess.

Yesterday, Source provided the answer:

And the answer is:
The only future or former U.S. Presidents to visit the spot of the first intercollegiate football game were Herbert Hoover and William Jefferson Clinton and it is unknown if either was aware of it.

According to the next day’s March 6, 1940 Daily Home News, Hoover made a return visit, from 1920 when he was made an honorary alumnus, and before 3,500 at the Gym made, “… an impassioned plea for America to stay out of war and lend its moral and economic support in restoring sanity to a world of chaos.”

According to the October 21, 2009 Home News Tribune, Clinton appeared at a politcal rally the night before for incumbent New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine at the College Avenue Gymnasium.

So there is the answer.


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