The RINO Issue

Over the past several months, there has been a hotly contested issue in the State of New Jersey’s Higher Education ranks about the proposal by Gov. Chris Christie to merge Rutgers-New Brunswick with UMDNJ and to separate Rutgers-Camden from Rutgers and “give” it to Rowan University.

Aside from the anger this has engendered in Rutgers Alumni, there has been an on-going debate on about the actions of Gov. Christie. A person on the board has presented him- or herself as a supporter of Gov. Christie and expressed support of his actions on this matter. I have commented that the actions are that of a RINO or “Republican In Name Only.” A second poster asked me why I was using that term. Below is his RFI and my response.

Originally posted by [handle removed]:
Doesn’t RINO mean “Republican in name only?” Isn’t it a term that conservative Republicans use to describe Republicans they don’t consider Republican enough? If so, why is [identifier removed] being called a RINO? Just asking.

I have not viewed the acronym of “RINO” as a label for people who are not “Republican enough” for me. Rather, it truly does stand for “Republican In Name Only.” It is an identifier of those who have abandoned the conservative principles and ethics on which the party has been founded. They will pay lip service to those ideas, but freely support a progressive, sometimes socialist, agenda under the mis-guided thinking that they can “give a little” on one issue now to get something else “later” which never comes around.

We’ve been at this for 70+ years now and the so-called moderates who claim to hold dear to conservative principles consistently fold like a house of cards anytime there is any minor opposition to recommendations for budgets or laws that articulate conservative principles, values, morals, or ethics. After a while, it is embarrassing how they don’t even try to provide basic research to the general public or concisely define those same principles, values, morals, and ethics to garner support from the general public. Instead, they cobble together “deals” which any person with the most basic intelligence and experience in daily life will recognize as insincere gestures that will be ignored and forgotten as soon as the meeting breaks up simply because there is no honor among thieves. To quote [identifier removed] from yesterday, “Never has, never will.”

In essence, RINOs are worse than progressives because they tout conservative principles during election cycles, but then switch to business-as-usual politics once in office, a la Chris Christie and the backroom deals to get a budget passed. At east progressives are truthful in what they really espouse and actually fight for those ideals tooth and nail.

Fortunately, my eyes have been open for a long time. Too bad [identifer removed] is willing to remain blind, deaf, and dumb to the reality of how Christie’s actions continue to harm the State of New Jersey and Rutgers.


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