Tyranny of the Minority

Over the course of the Constitutional Convention – May 14 to September 17, 1787 – a battle raged among the delgates about “majority rule.” There were concerns raised about how individuals who did not own property or have the so-called “vested” status of being a merchant or business owner would be treated in the new form of government. Specifically, the concern focused on how these individuals, recognized as a minority based on the number of individuals affected, would be denied access to the rights of full citizens and, thus would experience a Tyranny of the Majority in which their point of view or situation would not be respected or considered.

Where did this come from? Bluntly, it was a reaction to the experience of being Colonists without representation in British Parliment. Recall your seventh or eighth grade history lessons and the rallying call used in demonstrations against the Crown prior to the Revolution: “No taxation without representation.”

This experience was fresh on the minds of many in the new Republic who did not want to see a replication of this type of abuse. Thus, great pains were taken to enshrine balance points that allowed opportunity to all individuals to voice their opinions and have a say in the governance of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Too bad the Founding Fathers were more concerned about the tyranny of the majority over the minority, but never had the foreknowledge to see there would come a day when the majority would be tyrannized by the minority. Thanks to the liberals, Democrats and assorted Marxists, that day has now come. Only if the majority pulls together can we ever get this Constitutional democracy back on track again. We are all for freedom and equality; but equality that recognizes the unequal gifts of nature, not the type of equality espoused by the Democrats and satirized by Kurt Vonnegut in his short story Harrison Bergeron.


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