Some fans…

Yesterday, Saturday, November 25, 2012, Rutgers Football lost to Pittsburgh 27-6.

The message boards for Rutgers imploded with horrendous comments expressing the horrid news of play-calling and the play of some team members. Yet, as I read the posts it became apparent just how detached from reality the posters were. It actually reached a point where I had to reply with some semblance or rational thought. Thus, I stated:

So we’re upset that a first-time, first-year head coach is freely admitting that he is keeping his offensive play-calling conservative. Really? Last time I checked, that conservative style of play has us at 9-2 and about where NO ONE in the pre-season gave us a chance in hell of being: on the doorstep of winning the Big East in grand style on Thursday night.

Yeah, it sure is horrible that we have a TRUE Sophomore QB who has a 132.1 rating against a range of teams from 1AA to SEC and is still learning the nuances that make up the skillset of a stellar QB. Go ask the fans of the Pats how horrible their QB is with a 105.0 rating against a range of teams currently sitting 1st in the AFC East with an 8-3 record.

Oh yeah, that’s right, we’re talking about COLLEGE football, right? Not the way this thread reads. Nope, I’m reading the whinings of fans who think that because this team has out-performed all expectations the fans somehow can be justified with complaints that are better reserved for the under-performing NY Giants who just won the Super Bowl.

Get used to it people. Our OC and HC are going to call conservative games. Be men and women and accept that reality whether or not you like it. Work forward from that point in your evaluations, knowing that the team is still doing a superb job on the field in execution of the game plan and the plays called within series. It’s not perfect, but it is a far cry from where we have been in the past. Honestly, this team is proving itself far more resilient and capable that the Debbie Downer fans on this and other boards.

I posted this on Twitter last night, and it’s obvious this board needs to read it as well:

The defeatist attitude of some longtime “fans” of #RFootball is amazing. Chin up, look forward to success, not perceived failure. #bELieve

Not surprisingly, I get the following comment from a poster:

facepalm, college and NFL qb ratings are calculated completely differently and are on different scales

Of course, the person completely missed the irony of the comment between pro and college fans.

While I appreciate and encourage constructive criticism about what is being done by coaches, it irks me that so-called fans are so stupid tat they cannot discern the difference between young men who are playing college ball and professionals who are getting paid millions. It also, frankly, makes me wonder just how intelligent these “fans” are when they completely ignore – and in some cases discount – any aspects of the larger situation such as the fact that we have an entire on field coaching staff that is at the University for the first time. and it was put together in February 2012! We have players and staff who are learning each others strengths and weaknesses.

All of this proves that people truly are not able to take variables, identify those related to each other, and identify how each interact with one another. Instead, people are far more comfortable in complaining about things that don’t go the way they want them to. Expand your minds people! Draw in more information and ale smarter, better decisions based on more complete information.

As the saying goes: You’ve got a brain; use it!

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