bit more than 24 hours later…

… And I am over the emotional letdown of what was easily the ugliest, sloppiest, and horrendous showings by a Rutgers Football offense in some time. It speaks volumes that the majority of points were scored by the Defense. Even more disconcerting is the fact that the offense was unable to capitalize on the 10-0 lead at half time. The lack of adjustments for the second half and the inability of the offense to actually mix up plays leaves me with a distinct impression that the coaching staff is unable to read the strengths and weaknesses of the RU football team correctly.

This is especially true of the quarterback position. It is evident that Nova either doesn’t understand the plays designed or he can’t execute them because he doesn’t have the physical ability or mental acumen. It is up to the coaches to find out which it is. But, they are not doing so. They just give him predesigned plays to run. Sometimes they work, mostly they don’t.

Frankly, the coaches have to come to a realization that either their plays are at fault because the quarterback and the team as a whole are not prepared for those kinds of plays, or they have to redesign the plays so they fit the potential of the team.

At the same time, however, there is definitely something significantly wrong with Gary Nova. His ability to recognize defenses is gone. His understanding of how to pump-fake to freeze defenses is no longer part of his repertoire. He has regressed in his body mechanics to the point of throwing off his back foot; he has happy feet; he shows a significant lack of control in his decision-making; he telegraphs his plays to the defense; he consistently throws passes to the opposite side of the receiver than what is expected by the receiver.

While these issues affect Mr. Nova on the field, they also affect the coaching staff on the practice field and in the film room. Unfortunately, however, it has become clearly obvious through statements by members of the coaching staff, most notably Head Coach Kyle Flood, that there are blinders on. If fans are noticing these issues, the team and the coaching staff should also be aware of them as well. Yet we are starting to hear capitulations and statements that border on lunacy from the Program. To say the least, I am deeply concerned.

To be blunt, a lot of rethinking and psychology has to be done before Rutgers gets into the Big 10. Maybe one more year in the Big East is needed for some shakedown runs before stepping up to the Prime Time. Clearly, however, a lot of work is needed to clean this situation up.

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