Only RutgersAl could come up with this…

Those who follow are well aware of one of the most well-known, if not famous, posters on the board. His handle is RutgersAl or rutgersal after the infamous Savon Huggins video. But that is for another post.

The purpose of this post is to preserve a very unique perspective that only rutgersal would be able to put into words. This is a cogent and lucid commentary on the future opportunities that are available to RFootball. So here it is:

Rutgers need not take a backseat to ANYONE in the B1G.  We’ll win our share, we’ll lose our share, but on the balance, we’ll be positioned for significant success in upcoming years and here’s why:

  • Proximity to football talent

Rutgers location near denser population centers, and consequently significant football talent, gives us a competitive advantage that no other B1G school can match.  There is more football talent within two hours of Rutgers, then there is within two hours of just about every B1G school, with only Ohio State being a possible exception.  This allows us to get to know our recruited players better, and ensure that they have the values, that are ultimately needed to win the National Championship, that are consistent with our programs. Previously, many NJ players left the state, to play “Big Boy Football”.  When we enter the B1G, recruits and players will see how fun, a consistently packed Rutgers stadium and our SEC caliber fan atmosphere can be.

  • Rutgers Football has National Championship Winning Values

While they haven’t won the National Championship yet, I TRULY believe that its just a matter of time before we’re placing the National Championship trophy in our trophy case, because we are working VERY HARD towards that goal, off the field and in the classroom.  We recruit players who love football, no, not just love football, but LOVE football.  That love engenders passion, which fuels the motivation to work exceptionally hard.  When I sat next to Ray Rice at the football banquet table, in the fall of 2005, he was but a skinny pipsqueak.  That winter, he TRANSFORMED his body, and when I saw him the following year, his arms were bigger than my legs.  Our players today, are undergoing similar metamorphosis.  Its fun to observe on the sideline, the redshirted Freshman Lineman getting bigger, as the season progresses.

  • NFL Success of Rutgers Players

Ray Rice, arguably the best back in the NFL,  wearing a super bowl ring, probably did more for Rutgers recruiting in the past year, than most things the coaches could have said or done in the past year.  All Pro caliber Devin McCourty and Anthony Davis came close to getting their rings.  And even newer Rutgers alumni like mohamed sanu impacted with 4 tds and 16 catches for the Bengals and Justin Francis had 10 tackles and 3 sacks in limited time.

I see their success as an affirmation of Rutgers Football, because the program played a HUGE role, in helping them become the players they ultimately became.

  • Programs with similar offensive and defensive styles did very well against the B1G

We run a pro style offense and 4-3 defense, similar to USC and Miami, who have enjoyed much success against B1G schools.    USC is 73-27-3 against B1G schools all time.  Miami is 32-22 against B1G schools all time.  Rutgers was 2-2 against B1G schools during the Schiano era, but is now light years better, in terms of program depth.  We are on track to being as good as the BEST teams that USC and Miami produced.

  • High Caliber Assistants
There has never been a better group of assistant coaches at Rutgers, EVER.  Ron Prince, as most know, was head coach at Kstate and no doubt is going to try to demonstrate that he is worthy of being a head coach, someday.  Last year, the linebackers flourished under Dave Cohen, who deserved the opportunity to be named Defensive Coordinator.
Darrel Wilson coached in the Big Ten.  Rob Spence has served as offensive coordinator at Syracuse and Clemson.  Thanks in part to Coach Wrobos efforts, last years OL only allowed 11 sacks.  Norries Wilson was the offensive coordinator at UConn for four seasons.  Jim Panagos’ Dline last year helped hold opponents to under 100 yards rushing.  Even offensive assistant, Darnell Stapleton has a Super Bowl Ring.

  • Strength and Conditioning

Our NFL combine results speak for themselves.  Our players are competitive with the best.  Thats why Schiano took our previous strength coach with him to Tampa.  However, the players haven’t skipped a beat, as Jeremy Cole has adequately filled Coach Butlers very large shoes.

  • PSUs NJ recruiting is going to DRY up once we start HAMMERING them

Just like with Syracuse, PSU isn’t going to be able to land the top tier NJ players, once we start playing them regularly.  The only reason we previously weren’t competitive with them, is because we didn’t have the resources to compete.  Those days are LONG gone.

All these factors will make Rutgers a Big Ten title contender from day one.  In 2014, I won’t be expecting anything less than a B1G Title.

Whether you think this is lunacy or you see the grains of truth amid the sugar, the comments are always interesting.


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