I Stand With Tim Pernetti


Dr. Izzo
Rutgers Board of Governors

Dr. Dudley-Rivers
Rutgers Board of Trustees

Thank you for taking just a moment to read and consider this note which is sent to state my full, unqualified support of Rutgers Athletic Director Tim Pernetti. While I recognize and understand that the past few days have been difficult for the University community, I believe it’s important to share my deep feelings of support for Tim and the incredible job he has done while in his position. He continues to prove to be an innovator in his field with strong, dynamic leadership qualities and abilities that are essential in charting the path and actions of the staff of the University Athletics both today and in the future.

The events that unfolded with Mr. Rice were ugly, embarrassing and raise valid questions as to whom should be permitted to teach and coach Rutgers student athletes. Despite public outcry, I implore these esteemed boards to resist a knee jerk reaction that satisfies the 24-hours news cycle. Tim Pernetti is a Rutgers man, a Loyal Son and a person I believe has the best interests of the University deep in his heart. His decision to try and rehabilitate Mr. Rice can be easily mocked or questioned in hindsight. But it demonstrates the kind of character and sincerity he leads with. Losing these leadership qualities in order to please ESPN and others with their own agenda who do not have the University’s interests at heart would be a grave miscalculation and in the end hurt Rutgers in the long-term. I respectfully urge caution and patience when considering Tim’s future. In hindsight, Tim has already admitted he made a mistake in his statement. As a season-ticket holder for football and avid supporter of the school I remain fully confident in his abilities to lead our athletics department into the Big Ten Conference.

I further urge the Board of Governors and Board of Trustees in the strongest terms possible to support both Dr. Barchi and Mr. Pernetti during this time of difficulty and to retain both professionals to continue the efforts they have undertaken to advance Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey as both a leader in academia and in collegiate athletics as we progress toward entrance to the Big Ten in 2014.

Once again thank you for the consideration afforded my note.

Marc C. Kollar, BS
Cook College 1995

Past Academic Dean
Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy

Recording Secretary
Cook Community Alumni Association

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