The Reality of “Legacy”

Every now and again, an individual posts a comment or series thereof identifying perceived positives of Obama’s Presidency. What is fascinating is how the comments look at the world today from very shallow perspectives. To wit:

Thought for the day. I often wonder why President Obama always gets slammed the way that he does. When he became president, our country was in two wars, he got us out of one. Unemployment was nearly 8% and rising, today it is below 6% and his administration has created more than five million jobs. The banking, automobile, and housing industries were about to collapse. Today the banking and automobile industries are as strong as they have ever been, and housing had rebounded. The national deficit has been cut in half. Presidents since Teddy Roosevelt tried and failed to get a health care program passed, but Obama managed to do it. Yet he is hated on. Why? Would his race have something to do with that? Just saying….

As I read these types of comments, I can’t help but wonder if the person has made any effort whatsoever to actually conduct research to confirm what they are writing. Sure those on the Right can cry foul that the “Dominant Media” or the “Democrat lapdogs” will print or spout whatever is necessary to confirm these opinions. Those on the Left will argue the few “conservative” news outlets like Fox News, the Washington Times, and will “twist and manipulate” information to “produce lies”. Takes one to know one Lefties. But I digress…

The comments quoted above gave me pause to consider whether this perception is reality or strictly opinion based in fanciful wants and dreams. In thinking about the reality of the words used and the rather shallow framework of the words, I found myself realizing research was needed. But instead of going to the usual sources that are generally deemed “conservative” or “Tea Party” or “Rightist”, etc., I thought I would make the effort to stick with as many neutral – or government based – to left-leaning sites. I wanted to see if it is, indeed, possible to confirm what would be identified as conservative opinions from the other side. Interestingly, with a bit of wording in searches, it is very possible to confirm conservative thought as valid and to expose leftist opinion for being exactly what it is called: opinion.

Skin color has nothing to do with the inability of a person to actually make the country – or anyplace for that matter – better than what he found it. If anything, the skin color claim is as old as the “coloreds bathrooms” the Leftists kept pushing in the South through the early 1970’s when the Republicans were more interested in mutual respect of all people. But beyond that…

The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan 

He supposedly “inherited” two wars, both of which were holding at bay terrorists that had struck our Country and continued to destabilize countries throughout the world. But instead of finishing the job, he ran. He pulled troops and advisors, thus destabilizing the region instead of comprehending the simple reality that the military is put in place while he – that’s right, the POTUS – ensures through the SEC.State and SEC.Def. that the country is actually stable with a legitimate government. But that was too much effort, obviously.

Oh and that “one” war he got us out of? Yeah, The Dictator in Chief sent

300 “advisors” to Iraq in June 2014 (;
130 in August (; and now that
1,500 ramp up (

Oh but that’s just to “help.” I call BS on that claim. Look at the “advisors” being sent. Smart money recognizes it’s the same move used by Harry Truman in 1950 with Korea. We got out of the 2nd Sino-Japanese War and go right back to the area five years later. Of course, Democrats still haven’t learned their lessons in the international theater. Obama has not gotten us out of any war; he’s allowed situations to fester through the on-going reapplication of failed policies to assuage the anti-war crowd.

And by the way, for all the malarky the Democrat Party puts out there about wanting to make sure our military and their families are cared for, why it is that standard pay increases for active duty personnel have continually FALLEN since 2009? And why is it the pay increase for 2014 is only 1.00%? The Democrat Party has had full control of Congress and the Presidency to pass nice fat increases, but the percentages have dropped as follows:

2009 3.90%
2010 3.40%
2011 1.40%
2012 1.60%
2013 1.70%
2014 1.00%

Read more at:


As for unemployment… you really want to go there? Really? Okay then.

Anyone in HR knows damn well the “unemployment rate” means nothing specifically because there are variables within that rate which are not expressed as part of the overall discussion. The most critical is “participation rate.” These are the people who are actively looking for work. That means they are actually pounding the pavement, identifying positions they are interested in and, most importantly, are applying for those positions. Here are the hard-core numbers the Leftists refuse to discuss, namely because this is not a “sample” but real-life:

We have a currently recognized population of 245,679,000. Of that number, 155,389,000 are currently employed. That means we have 90,290,000 not working. Of that number, 38,876,000 are identified as “retirees”, that is those over the age of 65 who have ceased working after at least 25 years. Thus, there are 51,414,000 without a job. That would be 20%, not 5.8%. Put another way, the civilian labor force participation rate in Jan. 2008 was 66.2. At the end of November 2014? 62.8. (

Those jobs that have been created are 30-hour positions with no benefits (medical or retirement) and marginal, if any, growth potential. Better yet, the supposed Investment and Recovery Act hasn’t done diddly in rebounding this economy. Instead, it has extended the recession. This is the longest time lapse for the US Economy since 1980 to return to pre-recession levels … 77 months. And we still are not back to the plus side yet.. Great frakin’ job Obama.

As for the supposed “job creation”, I call complete BS on that. The private sector creates jobs based on needs within each company. The government only curtails or limits job creation through greater controls on the expansion of business either through taxation or the rules and regulations promulgated within the bureaucracy. Of course Shrillary doesn’t want to believe that reality.

Financial Services

Financial services in general are robust at the present time because Fed loans are at 0% while capital investment by companies is NOT in growth of the company or the private sector, but investment of profits until 2016. Of course, quantitative easing has also rendered the real value of the dollar less than what is was in 2008. Today I need an extra $0.14 per dollar for an equivalent item purchased in 2008. At the same time, I’m getting even less interest on any saved funds under the guise that this is going to make me spend more money. Hah! Not when I don’t know if I’ll have a job tomorrow.

Auto Industry

The auto industry is only perceived as strong because of the absolute necessity some people have to give up their 10, 12, 15 year old car which has finally died the death. Within the next year, the supposed strength will be unmasked as a short-lived necessitated purchase spree.


Housing has hardly rebounded. If it had, where are all the new developments in South Brunswick? We have furlongs of empty land around the bus terminal that remain fallow. Main Street in North Brunswick is only now being built after having been initially approved in 2006 after J&J shut down their plant because it was cheaper to manufacture drugs in the south and pan-Asian region. If housing really did rebound, why hasn’t 46 Henderson sold quickly? Why are there approximately 650 listings in South Brunswick that have been on the market for a minimum of four years, each one with with at least 3 price reductions leveling the price downward by $50k?

The “National Deficit”

How about that “National Deficit”? Well of course it’s been cut. Go check your tax statements and see just how much you’ve been bleeding out of your financial savings to do that. Personally, the “Deficit” is a worthless number to look at because it can be manipulated so easily. It is far better to look at the overall debt – money the US Government doesn’t have and had to borrow in order to cover costs. Why? Because it is exactly the same number you and I need to look at when we are covering our finances year-to-year. So where is that number? Well, the Treasury Department tells us that Obama started with total outstanding debt of $10.6 billion on January 20, 2009. As of August 29, 2014, of this year he was at $17.7 billion or $7.1 billion added ( Tell me, if you had added $71,000 to your existing debt of $10,600 in the course of five years, is that proper financial management? Yeah, thought so.


Perhaps the most perplexing, if not downright weird, topic to point at as an “accomplishment” is Obamacare. People claim that goal is critical because now people will be guaranteed “health insurance.” Of course, that is a misnomer as any person is able to seek insurance, whether it is through their current employer or through a provider anyway. You do not need the government to mandate that.

In fact, even if your employer offered coverage to you as part of your benefits prior to Obamacare, you were not mandated to take coverage from any of those plans. You were welcome to go out on your own and get your own. In fact, there were any number of people who would maintain their own insurance and pay for it on their own because of the two aspects that are really at the heart of this desire for “guaranteed health insurance.”

  1. Continuity of care and services they are comfortable,
  2. Benefits they want for themselves and their families they are able to choose.

The claim by proponents of Obamacare continues to be that the program will provide “access to all for insurance.” Yet the reality that pervades all aspects of insurance is just how people will be “viewed” or “seen” in relation to the structure of the insurance plans available. In fact, pre-existing conditions continue to loom for individual people. That is because people are diagnosed every day with a variety of both acute and chronic conditions. While those conditions are treatable, the patient (also known as the insured) abides by the treatment recommendations of the doctor. But that becomes far more complicated if/when the insured changes jobs. Because each employer is going to provide different types of health insurance based on that company’s working budget to pay for such services, there is always the potential that the doctor is not going to accept the insurance outright because of the change in jobs. Even if the insurance is accepted, the potential is always possible that the type of “continuity of care” may still change to the detriment of the patient.

In Conclusion…

All of this leads to a harsh reality that no one appears willing to talk about: the “legacy” of Barack Hussein Obama is one that leaves people without security or comfort. Instead, it requires each person to be constantly on edge. It is this type of positioning that continually harms people as more and more people are thrown out of work and left without unemployment options. And how many are we talking about? Right now we are talking about 51 million who can’t get healthcare insurance of any type because they don’t have a job and don’t qualify for Medicaid because they either have just over the minimum in assets and/or are deemed self-sufficient.

Obama’s “Legacy” will be one of more than 60 million people out of work and without any healthcare.


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