How To Succeed as a Democrat

When I joined this Party
as a brash young man,
well, I said to myself,

“Now, brash young man,
don’t get any ideas.”

Well, I stuck to that,
and I haven’t had one in years.

I play it the Democrat’s way;
Wherever they put me
there I’ll stay.

But what is your point of view?

I have no point of view.

Supposing Obama thinks . . .

I think so too.

Now, what would you say . . .?

I wouldn’t say.

Your face is an Obama face.

It smiles at Democrats
then goes back in place.

The Democrat decor?

Oh, it suits me fine.

The Democrat letterhead?

A valentine.

Anything you’re against?


When they want brilliant thinking
from guys like me,
that is no concern of mine.

Suppose a guy of genius
makes suggestions?

Watch that genius get suggested to resign.

So you play it the Democrat way?

All Democrat policy is by me OK.
I’ll never rise up to the top.
But there’s one thing clear:
Whoever the Democrats retire,
I will still be here.

Oh, you certainly found a home!

It’s cozy.

Your brain is a Democrat brain.

Government schools washed it,
now I can’t complain.

Hey, the Democrat Media!

Oh, what style, what punch!

The White House handouts!

Ev’ry month a new bunch:
Their Obamacare; it’s just devine!

I must try it.

(Just don’t underestimate your salary.)

Do you have any hobbies?

I’ve a hobby; I play golf with Democrats.

And do you play it nicely?

Play it nicely . . . still, they beat me

In every game, like that!


‘Cause I play it the Democrat way.
The Obama policy is by me OK.

Oh, how can you get anywhere?

Junior, have no fear;
Whoever the Democrats fire,
I will still be here.

You will still be here.

Year after year after fiscal,
never take a risk-al year!

(With apologies to the late, great Frank Loesser)


About VigilantKnight

Living life on my terms.
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