The Historical Truth of the Mohammedans

For the better part of 1,400 years, Mohammedans – followers of Mohammed’s opinions as laid out in the Quran – have sought to perpetuate endless wars of imperial conquest. No matter the country in which they have entered, in one foreign country after another, across the known Eastern and Western worlds, conquests have been established. Those conquests have been beyond land. They have included conquest of the culture through the slow, chipping away at established morals, values, ethics, learned knowledge, artistry, etc. The conquest continues in the economy through the active removal of businesses, services, and products that are “at odds” with the “teachings” that have not grown, developed, or expanded since the 7th century. The conquest continues with the outright murder of the established citizenry – whether that standing is by birth or through naturalization – under the claim they are “infidels.” The conquest is completed when the society that had been the basis for the established country is destroyed.

There has only been one action that has halted the Mohammedans’ pursuits of a worldwide caliphate ruled by Sharia Law: the Crusades. It was this act of violent response – of saying “NO!” – that slowed the actions of the Mohammedans and reclaimed some of the territories in Western Europe and in Africa stolen from non-Mohammedans. Lest we believe the Crusades were somehow “wrong”, recall that from the 7th Century through to as late as the 17th Century, the barbarism of the Mohammedans was not put in check. Their actions were endless persecution, subjugation, and slaughter of millions of Christians, Jews, Hindus and all others who stood in their way. Even those who forsook their fundamental religion to try to save their lives were only saved for a brief period of time. Why? Because the application of the Quran has not ever been one of standard practice. Rather, it has been what is thought of by the imam or other supposed Mohammedan person of authority within that town, locality or region. In fact, if one were to actually take the time and read the Quran, it becomes painfully obvious through the contrarian statements that adherence is impossible. Moreover, it proves that the basis of the Quran is not found in any form of logic. Rather, it is found in the emotional, guttural reaction to a situation at hand.

During the Crusades of the 12th & 13th Century, the Battle of Vienna in the 17th Century, and the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the 20th Century during World War One, selective efforts were made to repel the Mohammedans and their genocidal efforts. Even with the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, the British and French still cowered to the rise of Mohammedan nationalism that demanded an establishment of nation-states that now occupied 99% of land that had previously belonged to non-Mohammedan cultures and societies – lost forever and either rebuilt as, or buried under – one mosque after another mosque.

Disgustingly, the weak people in positions that call for leadership bend and break out of fear, not because they “want to be liked” or because they “want to be forgiving.” After the world wars, the majority of Mohammedans were given back the land they had previously conquered, and after WWII, they were given the freedom to build their own nations in 1947 after the British and French mandates had ended.

Too many Leftists in this country think the history of the Middle East began in 1947. They stupidly claim or surmise that there had always been an Iraq, a Pakistan, and a Jordan. Too many of the young and dumb Leftists have blindly accepted the lies of indoctrination by the old who have sought to twist and manipulate real history that all of the land conquered over 14 centuries had always belonged to Mohammedans. Generation after generation pass on The Big Lie. The only people of the Middle East denied their own homeland have been the Jews. By whom? By the Mohammedans who have threatened and instilled fear in the weak-minded and simpering fools in Europe and the United States governments.

Ironically, the Land of the Jews pre-existed every other country in the Middle East except Egypt, Syria, and Persia (Iran). Those who actually care to study historical geography will understand that Iraq used to be part of Babylonia. Thus, it cannot be called an “ancient nation.” Israel, however, can, as it existed for two millennia before the birth of Mohammed. Despite having been conquered and renamed, there was a continual presence of Jews in Israel for 3,300 years. To wit: you can take the Jew out of Israel but you can’t take Israel out of the Jew.

But, as you can see, the rebirth of militant imperialistic Mohammedanism is back and badder than ever before, and doing what they do best: force conversion, kill any and all who they do not like, and conquer any and all lands that have the weak, the spineless, and the petulant for so-called leaders. Interesting how quickly ISIS backed away from Jordan after those bombing runs, isn’t it? Interesting how ISII is suddenly struggling when faced with a standing force (albeit poorly trained relatively speaking).

The deeper we go into this war – and it is a war, not a conflict, not an uprising – the more it becomes apparent that the EU and the Worthless One do not have the intellectual skills to end this madness.

As the sayings go: A lie is still a lie even if everyone believes it and the truth is still the truth even if no one believes it. It is time for you to learn the truth.


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