You have landed here for some reason. Maybe you searched for the title of this post in hopes of getting ideas for an engagement party or how to propose. Maybe you asked for a site that might tell you how to engage a clutch or engage some type of machine. Sorry. None of those are the topics I’m writing about today.

No. Today, my topic is about the engagement of human beings, one to another. It’s about how we interact and interrelate to each other. How do we convey our thoughts to family, friends, and complete strangers? How do we express ourselves and answer questions that others may have about us? How do we respond to others, whether we know them or not?

Sure there are times when we may want to get as far away as possible from a person who either confronts us or is aggressive in their actions toward us. There are times when we experience abject fear in that interaction because the person is unknown to us and is asking questions for which we really do not have an answer. But there are other times where complete strangers may approach us and ask for information, thoughts, ideas, opinions that we have. At that point, we have a choice to make. Do we respond and provide that information? Do we obfuscate (a fancy word for lie)? Or do we attempt to ignore the person and hope they go away?

In this age of social media where we are actively pursuing interaction with one another, there is a fundamental change that has occurred in society. We are involved; we are engaged. Those who matter are engaged; they are involved. Whether it be with family and friends who connect us to a broader range of people or it is a natural tendency to being gregarious and open to talking with others, we need to be involved with others.

Certainly we need to be cautious about how we are involved with people. But usually those who aspire to lead are also fully capable of working on the fly and making decisions that will aid them and benefit those who they wish to lead by providing a clear understanding of just how open they are with their thoughts, goals and objectives for those they want to lead and how they, as a person, believe their thoughts and actions in the past are of value today.

So we have a few candidates who have announced they will be running for the Presidency of the United States. Let’s see how they engage with people.

Marco Rubio

Sen. Rand Paul

Hillary Clinton

All about engagement.

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