That “National Discussion” About Race

So there is this new rumbling about “race”. As a “Nation” we’re supposed to have a discussion about “race”. Based on who is calling for it, however, it is obvious the “discussion” is to be slanted. Indeed, those with the loudest voices calling for the discussion are solely interested in hating on one color of people. Indeed, it becomes apparent from the words used by certain academics and supposed “leaders”, the real intent is to is to hold up for ridicule, debasement and vilification the supposed thoughts, ideas, and pre-conceived notions that white people supposedly hold against those who look different from themselves. This is the same failed effort used by the Left when the Hippies and Yuppies wanted to feel good about doing something for others because of “their past”.

To truly understand why race keeps cropping up as something that needs to be discussed, we need to go back to the real definition generally accepted in medicine, science, and psychology of “race”:

a group of people of common ancestry, distinguished from others by physical characteristics, such as hair type, color of eyes and skin, stature, etc.

The principal races in the world are Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid.


Did I just read the words “common” and “characteristics”?

Does that mean we are to “profile”?!?

OH. MY. GOD!!! How Politically Incorrect! It means we are “stereotyping”! We’re looking at a person and “grouping” them with other people!

How could we justify such barbaric actions?

Well, for starters, that is the way the mind works. It processes what is dumped into it by the senses (visual, audial, taste, smell, touch) based upon prior experiences – called knowledge – and arrives at multiple decisions. Just to name a few of those decisions: safety, fight, flight, wants, needs, value, benefit, loyalty. The list is endless as to both our physical and mental response.

Leftists, so-called academics, and bunches of trolls and sycophants throughout the world have been running their mouths about this for over a century now. But why? Post-Civil War, the things Leftists love most – laws – were passed to grant people with certain skin color “equality”. Those laws, rules, regulations include the:

  • Reconstruction Amendments to the Constitution (13th – 15th) post Civil War;
  • Civil Rights Act of 1866;
  • Enforcement Acts of 1870-1964;
  • Economic Opportunity Act of 1964;
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965;
  • Civil Rights Acts of 1968-1991.

Yet there is constant wailing from the Left how the laws have not worked. So we need more laws. Why? If the former body of words have not worked, what logic says more words will get the job done?

Laws will not change thinking. Words by themselves do not change anything. Rather, we need to look at: thinking. We need to look at how we all think. Here is a simple question to ask yourself and everyone:

Why does everyone find it necessary to look at skin pigmentation as part of any and every event that takes place?

Here is a second question to ask:

Why do we not look at the actions of the person first?

There is a very, very harsh reality here. For better than 30 years, a certain race has been told they should be colorblind. Yet, within that race is a group of people who claim that has not happened because there are people of that race who still “cling to their history.” Meanwhile, there is another race that has been told to cling to their history because they need to remember all the bad that was done to them. For this race, E V E R Y T H I N G is about their color.

We then have academics and those who claim to want “racial equality” consistently use color – that is, stereotyping and profiling – to determine if the actions of certain people are “racist”. It is very telling just how disingenuous these individuals are when they insist upon retaining in their thinking and approach to the issue, the one thing that propagates what they want to supposedly rid the country of.

The stereotypes, the pre-conceived notions, the selected hatred projected upon aspects, that is races, within society by the academics and Leftists show their clear on-going desire to keep the division going.

United Power

They continue to talk about “race” and “color” which are clear separators of the much larger profiling element which unifies us all: humanity.

Anyone can claim to be against racism. That’s the easy part. Yet when you are insistent upon looking at race as being something of consequence in your thinking, you become the problem. You are insistent upon holding on to skin pigmentation like it should continue to be of importance, yet you don’t want skin pigmentation to be part of judgement calls any longer. It’s one or the other; you cannot have it both ways. You either ignore the skin pigmentation and advance the society by your own actions or you hold on to the personal need to look at color and you hold the society back.

Simple challenge: the next time you talk with someone, think about what you are are thinking first about them. Are you looking at them based on their skin color or that they are human?

The effort by Leftists to dismiss my point of view (seeing people for their humanity vs. their skin color) identifies exactly why so-called race relations continues to be held back. The claim continues to be made that, because race has had impacts in the past, we are continuing to experience it now. Of course that “experience” will continue forward until we are finally willing to state to and for each other that race is no longer an issue when we interact with each other. I’m no longer interested in race; why are you?

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