Hatin’ On The Trumpeters

For the last 30+ years, presidential campaigns in the United States have been contentious with lots of animosity amongst the candidates. Amongst supporters of each of the candidates, the name-calling and snarkiness has usually been based on nuances within what I call shades of the party. By this, I am referring to in-house discussions amongst members of a party regarding thoughts and concepts.

But this election cycle, there is something far different happening. Unlike the past few third party candidates on the conservative side of the spectrum – H. Ross Perrot and Mitt Romney – this year, the Republicans are facing an insurrection from within. More importantly, the draw of the candidate in question is not with people who are “on the outside” or “the fringe.” This draw is across the spectrum of conservatism.

Surely there will be those who will remain on the chain gang that has become what is known as “the Establishment”. Those will be the people who will blithely go along, pulling the lever for anyone they are told is “acceptable to the standards of the leadership.” Regardless of which party we are discussing, the key terror for thinking people is what this chain gang mentality does to the health of the society and culture. It is all well and good to claim the “leadership” of the party knows what is best. But when political parties coalesce the policies espoused into groupthink, a very dangerous situation comes about.

Whether or not individuals wish to accept this reality, a healthy society and culture is based on each person’s recognition of what is in the best interest of each person, their family members, their friends, and the people who are part of their life. Too many times, “the Establishment” will crow about how important it is to be “inclusive” or to be “progressive” in the thinking of what government should do or what the needs are of people. Thus, leadership is eradicated and replaced by control.

But in order to maintain this Groupthink and control, a level of protection is needed. This protection begins through a slow series of reductions of the general populace’s freedoms. How is this done? By codifying the freedoms within the governmental laws, rules, and regulations. That’s right; you remove the freedom by enshrining it.

It is these approaches which ultimately lead to the destruction of both society and culture. Why? For the simple reason that each effort ignores what already works. And what works? Providing a limited number of rules, regulations, and laws that people need to abide by while allowing each person freedom. I’ll return to this concept in a moment.

When society and culture are damaged by bad practices or processes, smart money does not maintain them to correct them with new rules, regulations, thoughts, etc. Smart money does not “put the wheels back on the cart.” Instead, it identifies best practices, values, morals, and ethics, then sets about advancing society to hold those dear and use them in daily operations. In other words, you build a new society.

That is exactly what is happening today with the candidacy of Donald Trump. How? He is openly speaking the thoughts of the general public through the policies, programs, and statements he is making. And people are listening to him and drawing toward his ideas. Those who value this Country and its foundational underpinnings – the teachings of Christ, the Constitution, the original 10 amendments that make up the Bill of Rights, logic, reason – are hearing what they value and hold dear to themselves: freedom.

“The Establishment” of both the Left and the Right howl in abject horror at this for the simple reason that people are being provided new ideas. These ideas go well outside of what “the Establishment” wants to infect the society with which provides greater control and limitation of the general populace and overall power to the Establishment.

Of course there will be those who will tout just how “great” the United States of America is today. There are many, many realities that blow that opinion, that Narrative, out of the water. But let’s review the following:

Those who actually study history objectively recognize the collapse of America occurred back in the 1920’s and 30’s with the overwhelming use of both the trusts within the economy and government as the economic and societal control function under the guise of financial support of people. (Thanks to that fraud of a president, Wilson from Princeton, who was so infatuated with nouveau communism and his buddy in crime, FDR.) Post-WWII through the early 90’s, was an effort to rebuild, but the error made by the general populace was to continue accepting the figureheads being put up by both sides of the Establishment. These figureheads spun a good yarn on both sides, but never addressed the fundamental need of The People: freedom.

So we return to Freedom – the ability by people to do things on their own with the responsibility to own up individually for bad decisions. When that is taken from people they slowly turn away from belief in themselves and their abilities to be focused on and develop an abject fear of their own inabilities. That will always be done by those who crave power and control. Over time, that fear is instilled in the offspring and slowly built into structure of the society and the culture. The building of that dystopian society and culture takes place through standardized education, media, and the preying upon the emotions of people.

If “We The People” are to do anything, we start with an expurgation of the anger and frustration that has built up inside over the last century with the controls applied by both sides of the Establishment. It’s called “hitting the pillow.” Support of a candidate like Trump does not mean an individual is stupid. It means they are responding to everything the GOP has become over the last 30 years.

What has the Establishment GOP become? I’ll be blunt: they are nothing but the sextoys for the DNC. Simpering, self-indulgent playthings that will do everything they are told as long as they can just get a few crumbs from their Masters’ table. Don’t like that reality? Tough. That is what the American people see on all levels of government throughout this Nation. Deal with it.

Identifying Establishment GOP incumbents with terms like RINOs or traitors is hardly based on emotion. It is based on identification of the actions taken and how they are at odds with what heretofore have been accepted GOP policies. The Establishment GOP has failed precisely because those people like the Bushes, the Doles, La Guardia, Romney, Eisenhower, etc. have refused to stand firm on cultural principles under the guise of “extending hands” or “bridge-building.” Newsflash: Economic Conservatism and Cultural Liberalism do not work together. They never have and never will.

So we are now at the point where the general public has thrown up its hands in frustration. The Establishment GOP is seen as paying lip service to what the general public wants and knows that it needs: L E A D E R S H I P!!!

Leadership that provides the drive, will, determination, and strength to push forth with the expectations of the people in the society. Instead, the Establishment GOP is going right along with the Communists in the Democrat Party solely in hopes they will be able to keep their seats which they think offer them some type of power and control.

Again, smart money does not try to put the wheels back on what is unfixable. Rather, it is open to change when that change is going to continue to use best practices. Trump has proven he is far more capable to hear, understand and implement the will of shareholders – which the American Public certainly are – in the management of business than any of the faces thrown up by the Establishment GOP.

Yet, there are still Establishment GOP members who will do anything and everything to hold onto the control – not power – they have. An example is the desperation shown by one such adherent to the Establishment. In this post, the individual seeks to explain about “why Donald Trump is polling so well.” But the opinion is not from a conservative or right-of-center pundit. Instead it is from the Washington Post and Philip Bump. See: Trump is polling better than ever. Here’s why.

Um, right. Philip Bump, the known pro-union, progressive who called out Jebbie Bush for wanting to be rich. That’s right. The Philip Bump who published that article on Dec. 2 about San Bernardino so fraudulent that even the NY Times had to debunk it.

That’s real desperation to justify the Narrative in your head. Yet it is indicative of exactly what happens among the Establishment that has ceded interest in leading and now wants to control others. And so the hatin’ takes place. It is not because the person is wrong. It is because the person is thinking and arriving at different conclusions that are based in fact and reality, not the opinion that everyone is supposed to follow like a member of The Stepford Wives.

So do yourselves a favor and actually think. Evaluate and review what is being thrown up in your face as Gospel. And recognize the most important effort you put forth this year is to do the one thing those in the Establishment hate: think for yourself!

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