Dr. Ben Carson

My thoughts are simple this evening. Every now and again, a person comes into one person’s life or into the lives of many people who are appreciated for who they are in their attitude, their personality. But then they become a person because of their mind and how they convey their thoughts. It is not “perfection” in the words they speak. Rather, it is simply the value of how they speak with us no matter our stature in life. They present a willingness to trust us. More importantly, they are open to the development of our trust through a dialog regarding topics and ideas we hold dear to ourselves.

But equally important is their effort to put aside emotion, “feelings,” and the other malarkey “the Establishment” so earnestly clings to for the purpose of controlling the society and culture. The person who focuses on knowledge and dispassionate discussion seeks advancement of you, me, the society and  themselves. They actively value the growth of society through the growth and advancement of everyone’s intellect. Money is not the root of their goal. Rather, it is for the larger group of people who comprise the Society.

Are they “perfect”? Hardly. Have they erred in the past? Of course they have. But then they are human, just as we are. 

Dr. Ben Carson is all the things sought for an experienced individual to lead this Country, these United States of America. But we need a scrapper now. One who plays without padding or whining. In no way would Dr. Carson necessarily do either. In fact, he may have the scrapper mentality. But he exudes the maturity and values, the professionalism and near elegance of someone who is a gentleman through and through.

As I regularly paraphrase Obi Wan Kenobi in the 1977 release of Star Wars: “Dr. Ben Carson is a more elegant statesman for a more civilized time.” (The original read: “The light saber is a more elegant weapon… For a more civilized time.”)

God Bless Dr. Ben Carson for his efforts!


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