What “the Establishment” is Truly Becoming Aware Of

So today’s Opening Statement by Judge Jeanine Pirro has gotten some people buzzing and upset. Good. It’s always enjoyable watching when the anger in the electorate is recognized by others.

Those now “in power” of the so-called Republican Party are suddenly alert to the large the problem “the Establishment” is facing as the Leftists and Socialists masquerading as “Democrats.” Likewise, the apparatchiks found throughout the rest of “the Establishment” – the bureaucracy and governmental alphabet soups found on all levels – federal, state, and local – are very much aware that their days of controlling, limiting, denying, and feeling the power of control are ending, whether or not they want to admit the reality.

Bluntly, this Country requires a good ol’ fashioned house cleaning with the Political and Monied Classes being evacuated like the excrement they have become.

We once had a valuable and beneficial Society with standards and expectations held in common out of respect for the humanity that was recognized as each other. Our lives were lived in the hope – and more importantly the belief – that we would be able to succeed individually and as families to a higher level of success and social status by dint of our own effort. Families and individuals were once viewed as peers because of our humanity. People, irrespective of traits or standing, were all seen with the same common goal of advancing the United States of America first. It was understood that with the advancement of the USA, we would also be advancing, but through our efforts. That effort was undertaken through support of each other in the free market. Of course there was competition and will power. Both as nouns and adjectives, those words define the personal and societal interests.

But thanks to Socialist Woodrow Wilson, the Country’s people were turned to look at one another with suspicion. No longer was there mutual respect. Gone was the interest in supporting each other to advance Society and Culture. Now there was separation; it was the “rich” and the “poor”. We were no longer Americans in daily life. Now we are segregated. The “greats” in American Politics continued that effort with gleeful abandon. Year to year the true free market stalled. The value of mutual respect of humanity within both Society and Culture was degraded. We were and are trained to look at different groups with derision. Gone are the days when we would work together and support each other because we are Americans seeking to advance the Country we are citizens of: The United States of America.

Throughout the 1930’s to today, “the Establishment” did, indeed, establish itself. A better word is “Entrench”. The people who lusted for power drew forth people easily trained to further develop the divisions and hatreds needed to ensure the Society that had once been focused on growth and development through mutual effort would grind to a halt. Those trainees – from the KKK to the NOW Gang to the Rev. Als to the libidinal “Jack” Spong to Rev. Jackson and the assorted “angry demographics” – now pursue all manner of efforts as their “life’s calling” to rile the people and cause division under the guise of “equality.” Shamefully, I see very few people speaking the truth that no one is “equal.” Rather we are complementary; we are supportive of each other.

Instead, millions of Americans have been led to believe we now only exist. Those who are able work two and three jobs, average 80 hours a week while averaging between $42k to $50k before those taxes cull our actual earnings down to the mid-$30k region.

Our actions are controlled and limited through legal dictate, tortured from the United States Constitution under the erroneous claim that we are a “democracy.” We are not! We never have been! We are a constitutional republic! We The People are to be able to live through the basic set of principles that were codified in 1789.

Instead, the Political Class, “the Establishment” – those who are continually reelected to positions in the executive and legislative branches of government without returning to the daily life you and I should be able to live – have carved out positions as slave drivers for themselves. They have sought funding from the Ruling Class – those who lust for power and control – to remain in office. More importantly, they actively promote the divisions we see today. They cobble together millions of words that are printed onto thousands of dead trees and claim to be doing “the will of the people.” In fact, they are succumbing to the demands of the Ruling Class to marginalize and degrade this great country into nothing but another Germany or Italy.

We have gone from local people coming together to discuss “best practice” for the community to exclusive commissions and “working groups” being setup to control, limit, and outrightly deny people the ability to live freely and responsibly on… their… own. Now it has been drummed into our minds that “regulations” are something to be beholden as if from God himself. And why? Because those regulations were promulgated by “experts”. Those “experts” know what is best for us. The “experts” have lots of letters after their names. They were “trained” – they did not learn. They graduated from some school somewhere where they parroted what they were told they had to say to get that all-important “A” and those ‘positive critical reviews.” It is that same “expert” who is now claiming that training is sufficient to mandate how the rest of the people are to live. Points of reference that prove the position wrong in relation to some part of the US are sluffed off as wrong just because it is at odds with the Ph.D.’s training.

We The People are now denied any voice. We are told what to think, how and when to think it. Anything other than what the dominant media or “the Establishment” tells us to think is wrong. We are to be held up for ridicule and derision, not because we are wrong, but because we “don’t think like everyone else.”

What terrifies the “Entrenched Establishment” is that Bernie is pursuing the teachings of Marx, the teachings that will not die. But Trump is pursuing the teachings of the Austrian School of Economics and Ludwig von Mises. But instead of me going through them, you can read this treatise


It returns the world to the individual pursing his or her own goals through freedom. And it is that freedom which carries with it the responsibility to live, work, care, and produce for all through the drive of the free market.

To paraphrase Christ: Those with eyes ought to read. Those with minds need to comprehend.


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