Americans Who Do Not Care…

The most dangerous people in the world today are the Americans who do not care. What am I referring to, you ask? Of course Americans care. We have always cared.

If that were truly the case, then where is the vigilance I hold forth in confirming what Freedom is each day?

Where is the awareness shown by each individual American about what is taking place around them?

We hear about “protesters” all about. But we do not hear about where these protesters come from. We do not see any “in-depth” research about any of them. We are not provided any objective content to identify the who, what, where, when, why, and how about any of them. Instead, the alphabet media chooses to spin the story to satisfy their own purpose and goals. and no one questions their actions, their statements, or their purpose. 

The ideal of objectivity within the news is gone. There is no effort any longer by anyone in any aspect of the media – “traditional” newspapers, radio, television, online sites – to function objectively. Instead, we have targeting of content to present a side or point of view.

Why? Because Americans don’t care. It is rare to see or find an individual human being who is alert to even the city street – much less the world – around them. Instead, the approach many people take is to draw “their world” from the alphabet media, blindly accepting what is said even though what is in front of them belies the real reality. Then we have those who run to and accept the fraudulent fantasy and escapism they desperately pursue every night in front of the screen in his or her house. Whether it is running the latest episode of their favorite serial show via Netflix or the next round of movies on the weekend, the real world – and not the fake thing on MTV – is run away from for the purpose of hiding.

Disgustingly, many of the people who make up the Society have now reached the thinking level where they now believe that the circumstances they have always known will go on forever without any input from them. For them, involvement in Society is just a matter of going through motions. For them, Life in Society no longer involves rational, meaningful thought. Many of them erroneously think that living life does not require them to even be alert to that thinking, much less be alert to each aspect of the world they are involved with outside their door.

Far too numerous people have come to believe that life is only what they think it should be, not what it actually is in the larger world. Even those who do live outside with the supposed trappings of interacting with others are usually only satisfied with the people they want to talk and interact with and no one else.  For all the supposed “liberalism” and “openness” supposedly being taught, Americans in the last 20 years have certainly proven themselves to be a close-minded set, unwilling to actually learn, grow, or develop. But then the reason becomes obvious when we actually look at what is left in your skills and abilities.

Worse, however, is the inability these people have in even remotely understanding a critical aspect of life: Freedom is not free. Freedom is purchased every day with blood, sweat and toil for the advancement of yourself and of your family as you are able.

We have reached a point where there are people in our Society who seek opportunities to strip our freedom from us at a moment’s notice. These vile individuals have slithered into positions of power that include the monolithic bureaucracy that has been threaded throughout this Country. They have sought positions in education to indoctrinate the offspring of the general public. There are those who have taken over the field of communications to twist and manipulate the words in languages for the purposes of advancing a mindset. What is more significant are those in the media who now, openly, work tirelessly to meet the orders of their masters. And the purpose of all this effort?

To undermine and destroy America, its way of life, its mores, its quality of existence, its freedom of opportunity, and its love of prosperity.

What used to be an unwieldy group of people set upon the destruction of the United States of America have now been coalesced into one entity: The Democrat Party. Its face? Barak Hussein Obama.

But for as much as he is the face, he is not alone. He has his accomplices who have been woven throughout the federal regime. Further, there are the people throughout each of the levels of government from local to state to Federal. Each of them have their purpose to draw the attention of individual people away from what is happening. But the goal is uniform: squash and destroy each individual person, destroying their Freedom and the ways each person is able to exercise that Responsibility and those Rights.

Why? To bring about the Global Initiative of the One-Worlders. And that begins with the Americans who do not care.


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