Taking Care of Business

When you are a care-giver, there is a reality with which you must come to grips. You may begin your efforts as a caregiver with the intentions of being the family member who shows compassion in helping your parents as they age. But what you are doing is taking on both a unique opportunity and responsibility.

The opportunity is to cultivate a much deeper, more spiritual relationship with the two people who gave you life and taught you all the fundamentals of life that have gotten you to this point where you are now.

The responsibility, however, is fundamentally different than any other out there. More importantly, it is one that is exclusive to you. There is no training and no degree program you can complete to prepare yourself for this undertaking. Instead, this is on-the-job training in just about every position found in business. At any given moment you may find yourself in the position of being

Before you chuckle, however, consider the responsibilities of each position and how they connect to what you are actually doing. Each of the nine positions listed above are linked to a page that gives you information about both the position and what you will need to do as a care-giver. It will take you about a half-hour to go through them all, but I believe it is worth it and valuable.


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