The Spirit

This is part of a larger discussion I am developing on how to remain human and sane when providing care to others. You can visit that at the top of the main page.

Look at your inner self and the elements that make up you. These are not the thoughts you think or your mental state. Rather, the Spirit is your conscience and the animating source of your humanity. Just as your body must be nourished and strengthened on a daily basis through food and drink, your Spirit must also be nourished and strengthened. This is done through the time you take to meditate upon the principles of ethics and morals that govern your life.

How do you do this? It begins by identifying what you believe and what you apply to your daily life. Simply, how do you approach life? Are you emotional or are you logical? This provides you the fundamental foundation upon which all of your actions are built and defined. When you are emotional, your Spirit will be restless, on edge, upset, constantly jittery and anxious. When you approach the world logically, your Spirit responds – not reacts – with a calm, measured approach. Thus, your meditation each day should be upon the value of your Spirit and the logical approach to the outside world.

In my case, I begin with a simple prayer:

God, thank you for this new day. Thank you for this new opportunity to know you, love you, and serve you.

I hope and pray through the grace of the Holy Spirit that I will meet and exceed the expectations of those with whom I come into contact. In my thoughts, words, actions and deeds, may I be a Practical Catholic Gentleman to all whom I meet.

But those are words. The strengthening of my Spirit occurs when I put those words into action each day. It is when I think during the day, when I express myself, when I do something in a logical manner that is calm and measured. That is how I take care of myself.

Of course, there will always be the atheist or the agnostic who believes they are themselves. They will claim there is no Hereafter or there is no God. My simple response is: it is better to have lived a righteous life with this approach and find out there is nothing than to live a squandered life onto to find out there is a Judgement.


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