Think Socially

This is part of a larger discussion I am developing on how to remain human and sane when providing care to others. You can visit that at the top of the main page.

The more we evaluate these aspects of our lives, the more it becomes apparent that we are not just thinking about ourselves or the immediate family we are caring for. This also means we need to work on our social lives as well:

  • who are we involved with,
  • what are our responses to people,
  • where are we seen and heard,
  • when do we ensure time for ourselves,
  • how do we interrelate with our family members, friends, peers, and professionals,
  • why do we act the way we do.

Each of these questions need to be answered in an objective manner. This is especially true when we look at how we work with others. We cannot attempt to justify or rationalize our actions with lots of words. Rather, we need to address our actions based upon what guides our Spirit: Ethics and Morals. Thus, the Morals and Ethics – those guiding principles – must jive with each element herein. It may mean that we need to rethink and adjust how we act.

Most critically, this goes to how we interrelate with the professionals who care for our parents. That means the doctors and nurses, the CPAs, the lawyers, the various individuals with whom we have contact on a regular basis. Why? For the simple reason we need to think about the reality that they are human beings just as we are. It does not mean that we act like wimps around them. Certainly we need to put our parents and our position first. But at the same time, we need to be mature, respectful adults as well.

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