The Reality of the United States and Europe in 2017

Let’s face a sobering reality for ourselves here in the United States of America in 2017. The awareness of the American People has been dulled to the point of metaphorically changing shape from a well-honed long knife to that of a piece of tin foil. We are no longer alert and aware of the broader world around us. Rather, we are more interested in assuming that what we are fed by the media, what we are fed by the words we hear in passing are sufficient to shape and form our world. There is just one significant problem: instead of using ourselves and the thoughts we have actually researched to share and form our world, we now freely hand over our tin foil to be shaped and manipulated for us.

This has led us to the brink of abject lunacy. Just as Europe is fancying itself as some sort of magnanimous “open boarders” space, there are many people in these United States who are thinking the same way. What is lost on them – and many, many people within Europe – is the harsh reality of what that does to each person around them. Europe is destroying itself from within through the irrational and self-loathing that makes up the Leftist ideology. Europe is tormenting its own people through a long, painful goodbye that seeks to inflict the most pain, torture, and suffering of its own people… just as it has done through past bouts of insanity.

But this one is focused and determined upon the people through the society, the culture, and the economy. It is being executed with deft, frightening skills through the government and the associated politics that impact each person. Indeed, this is the destruction of the society, but it is too hidden from the average person from him or her to say the goodbye nor rescue it from the clutches of those seeking to kill it.

And what is the basis of a sovereign nation? What is that bedrock upon which the foundation of generations has been built? Why, Christianity, of course. Once more, bluntness is required: there is no other religious foundation, even Judaism, that provides the single strongest basis for the establishment of Spiritual Foundation, Society, Culture, Morality, the Economy, and Government.

Yet today Western Civilization is faced with a very real, unholy, amoral lustful desire between the Left and radical Islam. This is the case in many of our countries. Over the last century – yes, 1917 was 100 years ago – we have watched as Europeans who experienced the hardships and hatreds thrust upon them from Ottoman Empire die. In turn, the interests of Christianity from traditions, values, morals, and ethics have waned to the point of being eradicated.

Stupidly, the Left and its adherents have sought licentious behavior apart from the disciplines of Christianity and fled to Islam which has expertly guised itself as “welcoming”. In fact, when individuals actually research and gain understanding of Islam, it becomes readily apparent that its true purpose is exactly the opposite. Islam has always sought to impose its will upon everyone, stripping away any freedoms or will from the individual, making all people slaves to a collective few who demand authoritarian rule of the world for their own power.

At this time, we live in a world of sociopaths who lust for the power but are too blinded by the lust to recognize that they do not nor will they ever own the power. For example, there are Islamists currently espousing an expectation that other women need to wear head cloths. Those same feminist “leaders” are claiming that the rights which have been fought for during the past century – freedom to choose clothing, the ability to choose who to marry, the opportunity to obtain education, the will to act upon one’s own will and not that of other people – are now viewed as adverse to the expectations of the “new religion”.

Women in our Western countries have enjoyed freedom – that is the responsibility to act upon their own will. In fact, women in countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, etc. had these freedoms until the latest round of Islamist incursion in the early 1970s. Now, we are finding women in European countries being regularly penalized if not outrightly denied access to these freedoms within their own communities. Yet the heretofore loud feminists from the National Organization for Women are silent.

One of the worst frauds being perpetrated is a mindset that claims accepting Islam is somehow “multicultural” and thus “good” exclusively because it is somehow different or apart from the established Society. However, there is a critical aspect of the attack being undertaken today that very few of the people in the conservative parties within Europe actually understand. This is not about Society, Culture, Morality, the Economy, or Government. No, this is a Spiritual battle. Let us be clear on each of these: without your spiritual freedom, the responsibility to live freely, you will not have any other form of freedom. Forcing others not to do something or requiring everyone to do something in an exact manner only causes an abounding hatred and animosity. But it also develops a real possibility that established civilizations gradually disappear.

In reviewing and considering the chaos being experienced within Europe today, I see the need of a Spiritual reawakening. It is one that is Christian. It is a revival across the Continent. Why? Consider the reality of what occurred in the early to mid-1980s. Throughout the Pontificate of St. John Paul II, the will of Christians – Catholics and Protestants alike – focused upon ridding communism from two of the most abused parts of the Continent to that time: the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. It was the “underground” Christian religious and cultural centers of each country that offered hidden spaces for the people to congregate. There, they were able to express ideas, share their Faith and hardships, all the while supporting each other in their efforts to regain their freedoms.

In this time of Lent, let’s be clear about Christianity’s purpose. Jesus Christ sought to fight evil with three distinct elements: love, faith, and prayer. Why? Because these are the keys that unlock the doors to freedom. How?

Love: in the respect, care, and appreciation of other individuals for who and what they are: human beings.
Faith: in the belief and advancement of a supreme being, God, who has made each of us in his image and likeness to benefit each other.
Prayer: seeking the help and support of God in our daily lives to move us forward in the life we have now and that which He wants us to lead.

None of these values are even tolerated, much less understood or appreciated by either the Leftists or Islam. This is because both demand absolute fealty and obedience to the State on one side and their twisted mindset of who and what God is and demands respectively.

Take a few moments now to educate yourselves on the reality of what we are not hearing about in the broader world of Europe. Use the work of Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge who provides a reprint of the sobering reality of the situation facing Denmark. The original may be found on LinkedIN as an interview between Iben Tranholm and Erico Matias Tavares.


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