The Reality of “Healthcare” vs. “Health Insurance”

Watching the Democrats chortling about Obamacare and Ryan’s failure to “replace it” is quite the curiosity right now. The fact they still do not comprehend what has happened on the political battlefield is both fascinating and telling.

At the same time there are the practicalities of what Obamacare continues to do. First, is crushes the entire medical industry from labs and pharmacies to primary care physicians and specialists. Second, it impoverishes and bankrupts the entire middle class.

But time and again, the Democrats have proven they know nothing and care nothing about the middle class. In fact we have seen this very detail of total arrogance toward the middle class in this election.

Let’s take time, though, to talk facts. This is not about what the Washington Post wants you to believe … or the New York Times or San Francisco Chronicle or some Leftist agitprop.

To start, Obamacare is imploding on every side in every way. Consider these realities:

  1. insurance companies are actively pulling out of states at every turn for the simple reason: lack of profit;
  2. at most one or two insurance companies are left for an entire state;
  3. those insurance companies that are not pulling out are slowly going bankrupt, leaving enrollees without any options except state-based insurance plans that drain funds for no purpose;
  4. as the insurance markets continue to collapse, premiums are exploding to the point that the middle class – those whose net annual salaries are between $30k-$100k – cannot afford any type of insurance or the associated deductibles;
  5. so-called “health insurance” is now forcing people to travel several hours to see a primary care physician in the coverage area;
  6. people who have decided to pay the tax instead of buying insurance has now skyrocketed to nearly 7.9M;

The fact is this insurance requirement is at odds with what has been the standard practice of Americans when is comes to daily life: you pay for what you need, when you need it. Bluntly, there are only four occurrences when you actually “need” insurance:

  1. whole life for you as a person; and
  2. umbrella;
  3. house;
  4. car.

If you are not conversant in those forms of insurance, you don’t belong in the conversation. Yet we have people – namely Democrats and those lusting for power and control of other people – who have created utter confusion about what is healthcare versus what is health insurance. Yet the difference is as plain as what I mentioned afore.

Consider the fact that very few people have actively researched and either confirmed or denied the usefulness and viability of that so-called “light on the hill,” namely the British National Health Service. Here is a reality check:

  1. it is broke;
  2. it is actively killing – murdering – human beings through the insane, harmful “queues” that have been set up for even the most basic of services and labs that we expect as normal, as a given in “care”;
  3. there is a complete neglect of the elderly and infirm in every form;
  4. incompetence to the point of criminal action is so rampant within the bureaucracy that they are forced to import so-called “doctors” from Third World countries;
  5. these so-called “doctors” are so distant from having basic skills and competencies that malpractice has become routine.

So if you have that foolishness within your mind that says “universal healthcare coverage is what we need”, it is time to break your mind of that fallacy and realize what is reality. You need to be able to pay for three basic elements of healthcare:

  1. an annual physical;
  2. annual labs and x-rays;
  3. basic prescriptions for acute illness.

When we get into specialists and needs for more extended treatments, that is where the need for umbrella coverage is necessary. More to the point, when you take care of yourself over the course of your life, you are able to build up the financial reserves you need for the medical care you need when you reach your 80s and 90s. Of course, there will always be those who decide to squander wealth and reserves through dissolute living and then whine about how “the government” isn’t helping them. Time for a another reality check: is the problem “the government” – read Society and the Economy – or you?

We, as Americans, not the hyphenated type, but Americans, must face the reality of what we have allowed to infest our mind over the last decade: somehow “the government” owes us something. Yet the reality is that government owes us nothing. We owe ourselves and our families a focused and directed form of living in which we take responsibility for the way we live, act, and care for ourselves. That means we have the responsibility to pay for what we do and not have government rip money away from others to pay for our stupidity.

So when are we going to take on that responsibility once more?

The reality is, the Democrats own the death of health insurance and they own Obamacare. But We The People own the stupidity of demanding “health insurance”.


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2 Responses to The Reality of “Healthcare” vs. “Health Insurance”

  1. Jerome Saanich says:

    July 17th and still no repeal. The Republicans have nobody to blame but themselves. For seven years they passed bills to send to Obama’s desk to repeal and now that they have a majority in both the House and the Senate as well as a president waiting with a pen they cannot play with a “live ball”. It looks like the Republicans are all talk and no action. A party without ideas. Sad.

    • To date, I have yet to see any of the so-called Republicans actually do anything either. Why? Because the majority of them are lapdogs for the Progressives who call themselves Democrats. That is the way it has been for the last 30-some years.

      It is not so much that “the Party” has no ideas. Rather, it is that the career politicians are being called to act and are showing they can only wallow, just like their Democrat in-bred siblings.

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