The more I think about this…

… the more it is becoming apparent there is a distinctive mental illness among the Leftists and those who ascribe to what they claim. Consider the following:

Over the course of the past eight – count them, 8 – years, the Democrat Party, and along with it, many of the RINOs who wish to ride their coattails, have lost a range of national elections on all levels of government totaling more than 1000+ seats. This includes:

  • seats in the US Senate,
  • the House of Representatives,
  • numerous governorships,
  • numerous seats in both the Upper and Lower houses on the state level throughout the 50 states, and
  • equally numerous positions on the local level such as mayorships, city and town councils, positions on various management boards as well as zoning, planning and other oversight boards that make recommendations and confirm proposals for growth, development, taxation, and area management.

The Left and the Elites manage to lose an election for President that they set up which was

  • completely fraudulent,
  • set up, and
  • bought and paid for
  • to ensure that Hillary Clinton would win.

Yet not only didn’t it work, but it failed spectacularly.

As these realities are brought into the open, the Democrat Party and Media responses have included such things as

  • The Russians hijacked the election,
  • Trump committed treason, yet never showed any proof,
  • Trump must be impeached, just because,
  • Anyone supporting Donald J. Trump is evil,
  • There must be something the Deep State can find out about Donald J. Trump just to get rid of him.
  • When one actually, objectively looks at this morass of spilled words and near hysterical statements, it becomes readily apparent to the objectively educated that we are looking at one of the worst volumes of lies and fabricated claims since Stalin told the world the Soviet Union was a “pure” democracy.

There is a harsh reality that the individual American must come to recognize:
Socialist realism, Lysenkoism – metaphorically to describe the manipulation or distortion of the scientific process as a way to reach a predetermined conclusion as dictated by an ideological bias, often related to social or political objectives – and any variety of Leftist emotional and psychological manipulated thinking still lives! These must be eradicated.

Perspective: What seems like Democrat “boldness” is actually panic. It is the panic of the Elites, those in the Monied Class seeking control, and those Democrats and RINOs who are seeing their control of power in politics and money in the economy through taxes being stripped from them. All of these people know damn well that Obama and their willful effort to enslave the Middle Class has cost them over a thousand seats in power. They are also staring reality in the face that Hillary could not save them and they, now, cannot save themselves.

Indeed, it is safe to say that Leftists are no longer seen as people. Rather, they are seen as obstacles in my way and the way of growth.


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