Humbling The Powerful

Yesterday, this article was published in Commentary.  Leftists will dismiss the piece merely because it is “found” in a traditional, Conservative political magazine.  Regardless, I encourage anyone seeking information about today’s political realities to read and comprehend the significance of the topic, focus, and the references to informed reality.

* * *

Every so often – usually as the torch of leadership is being passed from one generation to the next – there is a sudden disquiet within the Facets of Life:

Spiritual Foundation,
Valued Morality,
Vibrant Society,
Healthy Culture,
Economic Stability,
Minimal Government, and
Educated Civilization.

We are at that point.  In this instance, it is the historical Democrat Party that needs to come back to reality.

To be clear, the sovereignty of Our Country comes first before any political party, any selected group, any whatever.  Yet “We The People” find ourselves in a bitter fight to wrest each of the seven Facets of Life from what have become the clutches of people solely interested in control of US.

Indeed, “We The People” have now awaken from a self-induced slumber that was begun nearly 100 years ago when we were forced to accept a tortuous expansion of government under the guise of “helping people”.  We were told by President Wilson, and had it reinforced by President Roosevelt, that government knew best.  If that were true, then the apparatchiks, the bureaucrats, would have acted as if each person was a member of their own family.  Instead, they acted in their own self-interest so they would stay in their jobs, not actually show any care for their fellow man.

70 years ago, we stupidly sought a misguided effort to shield our off-spring from the realities of Life.  They were deemed precious and beautiful, which they are.  But they were not to see the “bad” things of Life.  In doing so, we failed to educate our children about Life.  Today, we accept abortion on demand of the very precious and beautiful off-spring we sought to protect claiming “inconvenience” or seeing our off-spring as “not being at the right time.”  In fact, we claim “abortion is safe”, but only consider the life of the mother. As Abby Johnson points out,

Abortion will never be safe. Any procedure where the “success” is the killing of another human being is never safe.

We continued through a more than half-century of outlandish indoctrination within a system of training that did nothing to instill the established and accepted Facets of Life. Rather, the indoctrination required blind allegiance to Government and the Laws passed by rulers masquerading as Senators and Representatives.

Through nearly a quarter of a century many of us have been lulled into the false belief that the government could be trusted in some manner.  We deluded ourselves into thinking that, even though we have been lied to by our elected representatives, they would not lie to us.  Yes, the elected representatives have proven themselves to be the vipers and snakes within our lives.

Now, Democrats and RINOs alike are reaping what they have sown within the Facets of Life. It is being seen for what it truly is within Culture and the Society.  It is seen for the division, hatred, animosity, loathing, and control of “We The People.”  It is being seen for what it has done within “We The People”, the Body Politic.

What was once an assimilated group of people interested in the growth of the sovereign nation of the United States of America has now been dissected into small fragmented groups based on identity, sexual preferences, skin color and nationalities.

What was once held up by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as being the goal of the March on Selma – integration – is now being abominated upon as being “racist”.

What was once recognized as valuable in the strengthening of the United States – natural ability and interest in a field of study – is now being superseded by “status” within a group.

“We The People” now live in a Society, a Culture, an Economy, a Civilization that is willing to spew hatred upon certain people by calling them evil.  Human beings have been forced to believe the person with a light-coloration of skin is evil because of the skin color, not because of what they actually do to other people.  Even words are now used to vilify other people through the irrational claim that “words hurt people.”  But that claim is selectively valid based upon the very things “We The People” had been working to eradicate because they are irrational in a logical world.

Probably one of the worst possible actions that could have been taken was to call white, working, and Republican voters ‘deplorables’.   That is because it “targets”.  It is racist in its vilification of the very people who have made the effort to welcome, invite, yes, I dare to say, develop relationships among strangers in the hope of strengthening the Society, Culture, Economy, and Civilization that make up these United States of America.

Yet they – the Democrats and the RINOs – continue this downward spiral with the claims of the Russian Boogeyman “shril-i-ness”.

There is a harsh reality that needs to be met:  Democrats will not get far if their approach going forward is to be the anti-Trump party.  The RINOs will find themselves tossed to the curb should they continue to ride the coattails of the anti-Trump party.

But there is another aspect that needs to be understood within politics.  This understanding must be irrespective of the party each person supports or the mind frame that is espoused.  The winner in the Civilizational and Societal War going on right now will be the people who craft and develop a policy platform that emphasizes goals and objectives that will be tangibly, physically achievable by the middle class without the interference of the government on any level and without any clanging of the Identity Politics gongs.

Failure to do any and all of these steps over the next eight years will cause the everyday person to not only walk away from the party to which they are registered. It will also cause “We the People” to realign and reestablish the sovereign Constitutional Republic which the United States of America continues to be, though battered.

Those who continue this madness of hatred, separation of people, and the unwillingness to embrace assimilation, drawing together the best of each person, will find themselves excised from the United States like the cancer they have metastasized into being.


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One Response to Humbling The Powerful

  1. Kristie Kris says:

    Well, the Russian Boogeyman is real after all. Just ask Donald J. Trump Jr. Time to take a stand and be a true patriot!

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